Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Great Ass Kicking Time- The Sunday Collage

Only five weeks left. Then we shall see whether we suffer a quick death under Obama or a slow drawn out death under Romney. Or what if the great ass kicking time arrives- you know that secret insurrection that the nutters whisper about?

It's really very simple. Develop a plan to pay your debts- if you can- or default.

Neither of these men have a plan because there is no plan. There is the continued Obama welfare state under which the Cloward-Piven strategy of social implosion occurs- wherein the welfare and largesse gatherers gain momentum and eventually outnumber the workers supporting them. This I lovingly refer to as the quick death.

Or we get saddled with another of our elite masters. All Romney can do is raise taxes and cut government spending. This will create an illusion of hope and solvency. But it will only last- short term.  Ultimately we have a structural disaster- the loss of 50 million jobs at least- and nobody has come up with any kind of plan to force those jobs back home. We cannot dig ourselves out of this economic mess without returning every job we have lost. It is that simple. It is math. This I lovingly refer to as the slow death.

The aristocrats and elitists rigged the game for the highest margins and maximum gains. They found a method to take all of the chips (profits, tax breaks) and distribute all of the losses (benefits, healthcare) to taxpayers. The game is over.

The best players claw their way to the top and win. And if we did this whole experiment over tomorrow- it would have the very same conclusion.

Let's pause for a moment and think about Apple and Steve Jobs. Apple products are built by Foxconn. Before we go any further, ask yourself how many jobs have we lost to Foxconn. Care to guess? Foxconn employs 1.2 million workers.  That is 1.2 million jobs or roughly every man, woman, and child in the state of Idaho. If Foxconn were somehow relocated to California, it could solve California's solvency problem all by itself.

And just as a bonus feature- I want you to think about the atrocious pricing and margins that Apple enjoys. They are the most ridiculously priced gadgets on the planet. Up until Job's death, Apple absolutely hoarded all of that cash. We have seen no benefit really- except for the 60,000 tax paying folks manning U.S. Apple stores and the corporate hierarchy in Cupertino.

Had Jobs lived- maybe he would have seen the light- although I doubt it. He was a new age robber baron. These guys don't do things because they landed at the top of the civics class- or because gawd help me here- they are actually grateful and want to return something back to the society which enabled their success. They don't see the big picture nor do they see themselves as socially responsible in the sense that they are in a position to improve society. Rather, the new age robber barons like Jobs only see their own selfish interests. Greed and ego are never satiated with these types.

Ross Perot was right. The great sucking noise came and went and now we are left wondering, what if anything, can we do to reverse our job losses. Millions of people can't pay taxes or buy health insurance without meaningful jobs.

I don't see that reversing. I see people electing the slow death although really- I  would prefer a quicker Obama style death. One day, the younger generations are going to feel the full brunt of this. I think I'll be somewhere else before all of that happens. In the blogosphere, I read these writers who all claim to be patriots. They all presume that somehow from their walkers and wheelchairs- that they will be ready for the great ass kicking time when it arrives. So they preach to people who think just like them.

What if the great ass kicking time doesn't arrive as scheduled? Now that might be a problem. All of those dressed up geriatric patriots with no dance to go to. What if all of that preparedness was just a big waste of time and money? What happens if we just slowly and economically waste away instead? What if we all can't unite, rally, and defeat some well defined boogieman- what are we going to do? Don't we all want to prove we are tough, defeat some evil doer, be heroes?

My friend Joe always asks, "What happens to the tough guys?" He quickly answers, "We bury them."

The truth is, I'm not too worried about the great ass kicking time. The great ass kicking time for me is over. I have to accept the fact that I am in my 50's and that hand to hand combat is probably not something that I should continue to engage in. In  the meantime, I am just going to accept whatever brand of death the rest of you decide on, quick or slow. Thankfully, that mystery will be solved about 5 weeks from now.

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