Thursday, August 30, 2012

When Writers Leave the Rails

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Every once in awhile, I come across something that is so senseless that it defies belief.  Usually I just read it and move along.

Today I'd like to call your attention to something I read on the "Dorkfish Express." I am going to re-post it at it's source so that the writers can take "credit" for this. They are quite serious.

Back in my law enforcement days, I used to say that any whack job can walk through the door and they do. They report outlandish things. The police were often the first filtering device. Any citizen can believe and say what they want. That's why we have Mormons, Democrats, Republicans, and mental health institutions. It's the same way on the innertubes...any nutter can write.

Just because you believe some outlandish shit- does not mean that I have to.

Here then is the greatest conspiracy theory that I have ever read. The writers claim that within the next 60 days we are going to have a staged national "crisis." A crisis so bad that it will prevent us from voting. It will take many respected and educated people to pull this off but no matter- they are willing to go to any lengths to get Obama a second term. However, they won't need to pull the trigger on the great plan as long as it looks like Obama is going to win.

Always leave yourself an out. They even have an inside "source." Code named "Rosebud." You cannot make this shit up. Here it is. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Seems a bit far fetched to me...But I DO believe the Dems will cheat with the vote to get this turd of a president re-elected. AE