Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Great Chicken Slayer and Other Hump Day Nonsense

Nothing says "good time" like waking up on the floor of some filthy shed, covered in piss with a throbbing headache and being told that you are responsible for killing 70,000 chickens because you are an idiot. Of course, finding your picture and your story on the national news... well that's just a big time bonus feature.

Some people should never drink. Here's one.

In Moonbat Valley, an assistant Chief of Police was arrested more or less, for DUI. This after striking a parked car three times and failing to see the patrol car which was watching as the minor drama unfolded. That level of unconsciousness is mind boggling. The suspect, Mike Crawford, is one of the nicest guys I know. He is the heir apparent to a Chief who found the City of Sun Valley an "all you can eat police buffet" and refuses to leave. He has been there 35 years. Never has a police department done less nor been paid more to do it. Being a cop in Sun Valley is like falling in the toilet and coming out with a trout. The town has virtually no crime rate and is populated with old, white, rich people. Maybe a thousand of them.

Odd, that the paper forgets to mention whether or not there were any passengers in the pickup. I am not surprised at the lack of reporting in Moonbat Valley. It's become a tradition there.

Booze is a strange thing. Often, it just turns otherwise good people, into assholes. There was a day when I couldn't imagine my life without alcohol. Now, some five years later, I can't imagine my life with alcohol. I hope Mike keeps his job, he really is a nice guy but you never know with these things.

I went out and bought a new 4G Samsung Galaxy phone this week. Beautiful gadget. I really like it. The best thing about the phone is that I can actually use it in those sparsely covered areas like Montana and N. Dakota.

I haven't suffered through any more ambushes this week although we are only half way through- so there is still some potential. The news this week has been boring. Precious metals made a little run. The GOP convention and Romney are pretty boring. Isaac, the storm, is boring. Bernanke in Jackson Hole doesn't exactly get the pulse racing. I think what I find most interesting this week is whether Boise State's football team can hang with Michigan State. I have a feeling this game will either be close or be a lopsided victory for Michigan State. Sparty is taking us seriously. I'm not seeing any great confidence in our quarterback situation here in Boise either.

The game will tell us a lot. So we got that going for us.

I love the fall. You know it's fall when you see Halloween candy and school buses everywhere. Hunting season is here. I am looking forward to killing a few North Dakota birds. Birds with rings around their necks who are a little tougher than chickens, they don't die when you flip a heat switch off. It takes a gun to get them.



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Anonymous said...

I liked the Fall in the Rockies too. As a kid I remember the colors and ground sluicing ruffed grouse off my motorcycle. I loved the low scudding clouds before the first snowfall and the sunny autumn days around Hungry Horse Dam... But it's nice up here in SE Alaska right now. The Halibut and red snapper fishing has been outstanding. AE