Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One Good Deal After Another (OGDAA)

I would never have known what OGDAA meant or who Jerry Schriver was without the help of Kenny Lane at Knuckledraggin My Life Away.

So when Kenny shut his site down for awhile, I was kind of bummed. It sounds as though he is just taking a leave of absence. I understand that. I go through periods where I don't feel like writing.

So here's to hoping Wirecutter gets shit sorted out 'cause I miss him and his blog. In the meantime, here's the story of Sgt. Jerry Shriver. A three tour vet who the Viet Kong hated and put a bounty on. The story of OGDAA on his smoking jacket. http://taskforceomegainc.org/s139.html

Maybe the funniest story I've ever heard. (from a pdf file)

Shriver's closest companion was a German shepherd he'd brought back from Taiwan
which he named Klaus. One night Klaus got sick on beer some recon men fed him and
crapped on the NCO club floor; they rubbed his nose in it and threw him out. Shriver went to the club the following night, drank a beer, removed his blue velvet smoking jacket and derby hat, put a .38
revolver on a table, then dropped his pants and defecated on the floor. "If you want to
rub my nose in this," he dared, "come on over." Everyone pretended not to hear him;
one man who'd fed Klaus beer urged the Recon Company commander to intervene.
The captain laughed in his face. 

Good stuff.

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