Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Moonbat Valley Says "Yes!" To Gun Control

I cannot believe I actually served this population of statists. No wonder I couldn't stand them.

Anytime you are feeling really depressed- before you blame yourself- first check and see if it could be something simple. Perhaps you have just surrounded yourself with assholes. 

I absolutely refuse to link my site to my old town newspaper. However, that paper is called the Idaho Mountain Express and they are online. The owner/editor is a flaming lib who exercises complete dominion over the paper. So here's the poll they are running this week:

Should the United States adopt stricter gun-control laws?
Total Votes: 155
Now I know this is a small number of voters but I promise as this poll wears on- the numbers will remain fairly consistent. This is because the people who live in Moonbat Valley all drink the statist Kool Aid. Independent thought is frowned on and in fact- if you do not adopt their views- you are treated like some sort of outsider, hick, dumb ass.    
Many years ago, a gal (jogger) showed up at the police station. She wanted to report that there were people shooting guns on a road east of town. My first mistake was asking her where she was from. She was dressed like a California trust funder and in fact, she said she was from Malibu. Of course. I explained that in Idaho we have this odd event called "hunting season." People in Idaho hunt and mostly they do that with guns. I told her that people sighting in rifles east of town on that road- was quite common. She did not want to hear that. Out came the "I could buy and sell your ass" looks that you get from people just before they say stupid shit like "I pay your salary." I soon realized I was talking to a spoiled princess. So I did the only thing that made sense.
I told her the road she was on was in the county rather than the city- and I told her where the Sheriff's Office was. Maybe, they can help you. Bitch.
Sometimes when you reflect back on your life and certain events- you find yourself asking- "What the hell was I thinking?" This often happens to me when I think about serving in Moonbat Valley. At least they paid me.

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