Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Insanity of Two Party Politics- Hers's How To Opt Out

My friend Jim at Conservatives on Fire put up a great piece yesterday. "Don't Blame Third Party Voters If Obama Is Re-Elected"

Let me make something perfectly clear. I will not vote for Obama. I will not vote for Romney. Once again, I opt out. Once again, I will be proven correct three or four years from now.

As a matter of fact, only about 500,000 of us voted Libertarian in 2008. Judging from what has happened since then- it looks like we were the only ones who made a good decision. Or at the very least, we did not make a bad decision and vote for a Marxist Muslim with two names. Or an elite RINO who married into some dough.

Which leads me to the point of this piece. The vast majority of American voters are stooges. So are the political pundits who make a living off of this insanity.

Let me use a metaphor. In the old days when I was a Police Chief, we would establish hiring pools of potential police officers. We would invest a lot of time in the interviewing process knowing full well that if we hired one bad egg- he or she might not only ruin morale- but it might cost you your job. Hiring decisions are in fact- the most important thing any organization does. 

So if you have invested all of that time and money into establishing a hiring pool and you do not particularly like any of the candidates- what do you do?

Under no circumstances should you hire someone you do not like. Ever. Start over and refuse to compromise. Romney is a compromise.  I compromised my better judgment once. It turned out to be the worst hiring decision I ever made and firing that loser took me through 4 administrative hearings and ultimately a lawsuit that cost the city 50k. This dude lied and refused to come to work. He was probationary. That he ever received a dime is a credit to a system completely broken.

The point is this. We have been conditioned to accept one of two shitty candidates every election cycle. We elect people not because they are exceptionally qualified- we elect people because we think anything has to be better than what we have now. Don't settle for a crappy candidate. Ever.

The "common sense" is wrong. These are the people who will tell you that voting for a third party is a waste and a defacto vote for Obama. These people, and it numbers in the vast millions, perpetuate the myth and thus the stranglehold that these two dysfunctional parties have on America. They convince you that you are wasting your vote by voting third party and because millions believe this- it becomes self fulfilling prophecy. It becomes true. We keep screwing ourselves over as long as we submit to this system.

There is no way that I would vote for either of these two candidates. They both suck.

Here is my suggestion. Vote for somebody that is good. If you can't find a decent guy, like Johnson, write in Ron Paul. Don't vote for another shitty candidate because you think they are going to be less shitty than what we have now. You are screwing the rest of us over with your bad decisions. Vote GOOD or don't vote at all.


Anonymous said...

Deep down inside I know you are right and yet here I am still grasping at straws.

Tee Dub said...

Grasp a PEN and write in Ron Paul. I won't be suckered into a non-choice ever again. McDonalds vs Burger King. Coke vs Pepsi. It's an illusion of choice. Either way you get the same old crap. I'll pass

republicanmother said...

They "Elite" won't realize we're serious until a critical mass stops playing at their crooked Midway games.