Thursday, April 26, 2012

Downtown Boise YMCA Practices Statism, Censures Free Speech

So yesterday, I took my scooter down to the Y for my daily run.

When I bought that beautiful Roadking, the previous owner threw in 20 or so Harley shirts. Because he is smaller than I am-the shirts didn't fit- so I cut the sleeves off a few of them. I wear them to ride and work out in. Some are pretty torn up so I use them at the car wash.

At any rate, I was wearing one that said, "If you can read this, the bitch fell off."

The moment I walked into the gym- the place was abuzz. Pretty soon, one of the employees came and asked me to wear the shirt inside out or tape off the "bitch" word. I didn't want to create a giant shit storm at the gym, so I let them tape up the shirt.

The north end of Boise is filled with moonbats, statists, and liberals. They are the guardians of politically correct speech. They are not afraid to exercise their opinions about everyone else and unlike conservatives- they actually act on their dumb ass impulses. They have no problem telling you how to live. That's why the tape came out.

I wasn't the least bit surprised. Statists have no problem regulating everyone else's conduct. That's what they do. Abortion and atheism is fine, wearing t shirts with the word "bitch" on them is a capital offense.

Oddly enough, I have seen tattoos on people at the gym that are far more offensive than my shirt- yet tattoos are acceptable in the moonbat community. I don't see any of those folks with taped up arms.

One hundred years from now, when the liberals have reduced the Constitution to ass wipe and some dictator is running this Banana Republic, people will scratch their heads and ask what happened to their freedom. The three conservatives that remain will say,  "The moonbats found freedom too offensive."

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