Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Telling Lies

Today, while running around Boise and avoiding traffic collisions, I was listening to Bloomberg Radio.

They were talking about the 7 million barrel build in oil inventories this week and pondering why oil was still over 100 bucks. Unleaded gas hasn't even budged. What Bloomberg didn't mention is how Obama's EPA shut down two east coast refiners and one in the Caribbean. When you lose 50% of the total refining capacity for the east coast- you are going to have a price squeeze all over the US and thus some serious supply problems.

And get this- THEY are still talking about releasing petroleum from strategic reserves. Like that is going to help our refining problems. It won't do a thing. We don't have a supply problem. We have a refining problem.

Then if that wasn't enough bullshit for one little on air segment- Bloomberg reported that there is a good chance that unemployment will be in the 6% range by early 2013. Who were they sourcing??

The NY FED!! Unbelievable. These people have absolutely no shame. None. They are sociopaths.

Here's the best part. You can only lie to people so much. After 4 years, people are starting to catch on. I saw a foreign survey this morning (I wish I could find it again) that put at least 60% of all Americans- realizing that there was not going to be any recovery and certainly no time soon. You can't keep lying to people and hope it works forever. People will give liars the benefit of the doubt for a while, maybe even a couple of years. But year after year? Nah. There are limits. The liars are exceeding those limits now.


Anonymous said...

That's it. They are sociopaths. One step in the wrong direction is dissmissed by them as "we are trying to help you." Then they get mad in their arrogance because we don't like it so they move on to the next egregious move ratcheting up our contempt until it moves from soft tyranny to the hard version. Has happened many times before and there is nothing that says the US is an exception.

You are on a roll. Stay on the offense AE

republicanmother said...

Ah, the NY Fed which brought us Communist Russia, and the Great Depression. They're like some sort of evil factory.

Anonymous said...

I suppose there could be zero unemployment if everyone that wants a job gives up looking. NY Fed? Great source!