Monday, March 26, 2012

Obama Pimps the White House

Ya wanna see the the white house? Just give me a bunch of dough.

The press says it is a legal and established practice. So is getting drunk. So it's all good.

I got to thinking. Maybe Obama should open up a gift shop in the West Wing and have Michelle run it. They could sell decks of cards, cocktail napkins, autobiographies signed by Wiliam Ayers, lots of snacks, and maybe some of those fake ID's. Maybe have a section of the gift shop dedicated to photography- Michelle could sell pictures of all of the places she has traveled to.

The problem is staffing. You have to actually be in the White House to sell shit. Playing golf, vacationing, and pissing off Netanyahu is not going to bring in the campaign dollars. They should hire about 100 part time workers and then drop the unemployment rate a percentage point. Recovery bitches!

Maybe they should just turn the WH into a giant daycare instead. That way, the rich and elite could drop off their kids, or their grandkids, and have the Secret Service look after them. Maybe take them on a field trip to Mexico once in awhile on one of "Obama's jets." I think that is an established and legal practice too.

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Tee Dub said...

Holy Shit!