Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sarcasm, Because It's Still Against the Law To Beat The Shit Out Of People

Yesterday I did a piece on the destruction of the United States debt Titanic. The ship where every tax payer has a seat.

I questioned the numbers presented by a reporter who failed to cite his source. I assumed, most likely, that he acquired his numbers from the Congressional Budget Office.

In less than 24 hours, Zero Hedge was out with a great story on the missing credibility of the CBO.

I had to read that story three times. Why? Because it just smacks so true. It makes sense. If you look at the history of the CBO's "optimistic" projections (chart) you'll find a decade of deceit or at the very least, consistently minimized deficits. Is that coincidence?

It's pretty difficult for me to escape the fact that the CBO appears to be nothing more than one more propaganda tool for Wall Street and our paid for politicians. There was a time when I thought that the CBO was an independent agency and tried to put out credible numbers. But like all things government, it appears that any integrity this office once had has now been compromised. Like somehow that is an isolated incident and the Bureau of Labor Statistics is credible.

Conspiracy? Yes of course it's a conspiracy. It's a conspiracy with one common goal shared by  thousands of influential policy makers, politicians, crony capitalists, and government employees. Deceive the American people for as long as humanly possible and receive a continuation of fat paychecks for doing so. What happens when you tell the truth? Well just ask the formerly employed, Ms. Pham, who is now suing the CBO.

Every once in awhile, I receive a great comment like I did in the "Media Baffled" piece. This is an interesting and intelligent comment. Not because it attempts to stroke my ego while claiming vastly superior intellectual high ground; but because it is a passive aggressive statement by a writer who has claimed some virtual lofty perch from which he gazes down at emotional midgets like myself. 

Know this. I get it. The only way our society has a chance of educating ourselves- of communicating vital and truthful information- is by this medium. There is no other means available to us. I accept that there will always be some folks who will state an opinion contrary to that and that's ok. It hasn't slowed me down yet.

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Gary said...

The political hacks phony up the numbers.

Try this site: Shadow Government Statistics.

His charts show:

--- The real unemployment rate at 23%.

--- The real inflation rate at 11%.

--- He shows a DECREASE in our GDP by over 2% while the government claims it increased by 1.8%.

The politicians want to cover up the truth to save their jobs.