Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Hate Crowd Is Out in Force- More Steve Jobs Churn

Ya wanna hear something funny?

I used to hear people piss and moan that the rich could buy themselves out of a criminal charge. No shit. Like the Kennedy's hadn't done that a time or two, or OJ Simpson, or even Angelo Mozilo. Nobody likes our two tiered criminal justice system- most of all me. But what about the people who use their wealth to simply survive? When did that become a hateful offense?

Steve Jobs was dying. According to this story, Jobs bought a place near Memphis, Tennessee and lived there just long enough to qualify for a liver transplant and got one.

Did he commit a criminal act? No. Did he grease anyone's palms to make the transplant happen? Well, maybe... but this story doesn't allege that. Did Jobs do anything immoral, unethical, or reprehensible? No.

To read this malicious piece, you'd think Jobs was the anti-christ. Let me make this simple. In a capitalistic system, the one we were born into and I guess by default, agree to support... successful people are not able to take advantage of their intelligence or work product according to this author. The poor people of Tennessee were victimized. The author's contention is simple. Because most of us could not do what Jobs did, Jobs is bad. I get it.

One more whining statist (accusing others of being statists) and writing crap.

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