Thursday, October 6, 2011

Absolute and Definitive Proof That Our Government Has Completely Left the Rails

In America, we once had these two concepts. The rule of law and due process. We thought these things were of value and we put them in place to establish procedure and define the circumstances under which a person could be prosecuted for a crime. Due process entitled the accused a chance to review the case, defend one's self, and appeal an adverse verdict. Tyrannical oligarchs don't have much use for all of that pomp and circumstance. It takes too much time.

So now, government has it's own version of the Star Chamber.  Based on some highly secretive  and evasive mumbo jumbo spewed by government officials, the oligarchy now has the right to declare any of us, "enemies of the state and they can proceed forthwith to send us to a watery grave." Great.

Now all of this back and forth comes on the heels of the decision to whack that American born terrorist with a drone last week. The neo cons everywhere were proclaiming that if you take up arms against the U.S. and become an enemy of the state, citizen or not, the U.S. has the right to kill you. In addition to denying any given citizen his or her civil rights and due process which is contrary to law... there is even more downside risk here. 

Remember, we can't review the best evidence nor is there any due process before the government decides to send someone to Davy Jones' locker. No way to keep our government honest. Under these circumstances, we will be forced to accept government's version of the truth. That doesn't exactly leave me brimming with confidence while coming from the most deceptive government perhaps- in the history of the world. That is not an overstatement.

I want you to think about this for a minute. Do you really want to give this government the power to declare anyone they want to- an enemy of the state in some secret little star chamber- and then go out and start killing them? What level of proof are we going to require from government before they start dropping bombs on republicans enemies of the state?

Gawd I hope we can wrestle our country back from these assholes. I really do.

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Anonymous said...

Great post, Brian. After reading several post on both sides of this issue (I originally came down on the "he was a enemy combatant" side) you smarter libertarians are pulling me to your way of thinking. Things are seldom black and white, so maybe next week I'll take a stab at this subject.