Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ron Paul Ain't No Lawyer

Ron Paul is retiring from Congress. Ron is a straight shooter, absolutely scandal- free, and he knows what only a few of us know. That the FED, in it's present state, is the greatest Ponzi scheme ever invented.

He is a doctor. Imagine that. A guy who thought helping other people might be important. You see, when I hear the term lawyer, I think self servant not public servant. Some of the finest narcissists and ego driven maniacs that I have ever met were lawyers. Now I try to stay away from stereotypes and for sure I know some damn fine people who are lawyers. But I really think the good ones are a minority group within that collection. Mr. Paul chose a career that helps people. Interesting, that choice. How have the lawyers been doing??

I will use our President and Congress as examples. Nearly 50 percent of the members of Congress are lawyers. Pretty effective bunch, huh? In fact that single occupation, lawyer, accounts for virtually all of the judiciary branch of government, nearly a majority of the legislative branch, and a significant portion of the executive branch including Comrade Obama. Michelle Bachman was an IRS attorney. And it's that career choice that allows me to ferret out how successful people might be as leaders in public service. Why?

Lawyers don't create anything of value. They don't contribute to society. They find ways to exploit existing law and people. That's bad enough. But the one thing I never hear a lawyer utter...is that I became a lawyer so that I could help others. Try it next time you meet a lawyer. Ask them why he or she became a lawyer. Please email me if you ever hear one say that they became a lawyer to "help others."

It's the mind set that one has prior to entering law school. It's really the key to unlocking the true intentions of a would be public servant or self servant as their career unfolds. Very often lawyers become lawyers for purely selfish and ego driven reasons. They do not become lawyers because they feel a need to help desperate and needy people. Are their exceptions? I have seen a few.

A willingness to help others is the cornerstone of public service. Why would you expect people who chose a self serving occupation to spend their careers genuinely helping others? You wouldn't and they don't. That's ok. You might need a good lawyer. But that doesn't mean they make good public servants. And that successful resume' is on full display right now.  The 111th and 112th Congess.

Ron Paul is 75. He is disliked by the left and the right. He represents the lunatic fringe. He is absolutely the right guy, at precisely the right moment, and he doesn't stand a chance. Completely un-electable. The hatred for Paul is absolutely palpable on right wing sites like Ace of Spades. Interestingly enough, in conservative scoring and voting records, Ron Paul votes precisely as the Republican Party would have him vote. But the party itself will not support him. If Paul becomes a credible threat by some odd stretch of the imagination next year...you can bet both parties will do everything in their power to marginalize him and put him in quicksand on the fringe.

That's too bad. A do what you say, say what you mean sort of guy. Absolutely transparent, predictable, and scandal free. You know precisely where he stands on all issues. That's integrity. Paul is the kind of guy middle class Americans should love. He is a real public servant. It's been so long since we've seen one of those, most people don't know what they are. Best of all, he ain't no lawyer. What else do you need to know?


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