Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Precious Metals Going Supernova...

as even the last skeptics now are beginning to accept the fact that the world is bankrupt.

You know what absolutely mystifies me? How could anyone be short precious metals? Only bankers and production hedgers could possibly be. Producers wouldn't need to hedge if bankers would quit manipulating precious metals markets. 

With Bernanke's announcement that QE3 is now a possibility....something others and I have been talking about for months as a certainty...people are going to buy the last store of wealth. Real money.

QE3 is proof positive that we have arrived at the end game. Guaranteed. There is no central banking solution left. Print, print, print. And you can damn well bet central bankers are dumping fiat for gold.

Throughout time, as fiat currency reverts to its intrinsic value of dog and silver maintain their status.  A whole bunch of people are gonna find this out far too late to do anything about it.

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davecydell said...

Having been buying from 34 to 36, today was a sweet goose.