Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant Near Omaha Flooded, Government Mute

My old family farm sits on the Missouri River, 100 miles east of Fort Peck Reservoir in Montana. Some of it is covered with water. I have never seen the water this high and there is not an old timer alive who can remember flood waters this deep. The water is threatening to wash over a nearby highway.

The Missouri has flooded a nuclear power plant in Nebraska near Omaha.

They say there is nothing to fear which kind of smacks of the way Japanese utilities and the Japanese government treated the greatest nuclear reactor melt down of all time. By minimizing it. I'm not real big on trusting government. Wasn't it the French Prime Minister who recently said, "When things get bad enough- we have to lie."

Danger or not, state government should be warning residents of the possibilities. It's that simple. People cannot make informed decisions when government is purposefully ignoring any meaningful information dissemination.

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davecydell said...

My Dad's family has been in and around David City, (just west of Omaha) , Nebraska since 1860's. We have been discussing the Missouri river floodings. The USA (the Them of A) have been discussing Weiners.

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