Thursday, June 16, 2011

What a Moron...Maybe He Thought He Was Living In a Free Country...

I was in awe as I read this story.

The problem I  encountered as I read this story was simple. I could not figure out who was more out of line...the passenger who wears his baggy pants below the cheeks of his ass exposing boxer shorts or the airline who had him hauled off and charged.

Are boxer shorts really that offensive? Or are we outlawing stupidity now? Because if we are going to make stupidity illegal we are going to need a few million more jail cells.

It's not that I agree with the way people wear their clothes (remember come she didn't get locked up or that Jackson chick during the Superbowl?) it's just that I think how you wear your clothes just shouldn't rise to a criminal level. In a free country that is.

That's how it is in the new America. Wearing your pants around your ass cheeks is illegal. Stealing millions, billions, and perhaps trillions of dollars via a web of deceit that involved fraudulent loan processes worldwide and bankrupting the planet...that is fine.

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