Thursday, June 16, 2011

Secret Money and Rarified Air

I spent this week traveling through Montana to a family funeral. Montana is under water. The Missouri River, near Fort Buford, North Dakota- is lapping the edges of one highway.

Another interesting thing about Montana that I noted... I saw two "End the Fed" bumper stickers while traveling. I have never seen bumper stickers like that anywhere else. It just goes to show how very little- most people know about our debt fueled money system and just how little anyone cares. I have never seen "End the Fed" bumper stickers anywhere else. Perhaps similar stickers can be found in Ron Paul's home district in Texas.

Anyone that read which banks our Federal Reserve Bank lent money to during the 2008 crisis (and they fought like hell not to disclose that information)...should understand. This video pretty much says it all. They created 9 trillion in loans. Where do they keep this 9 trillion? In a secret place called, "Thin Air."

Everything in life is graded on a curve. All things are compared, including  children and currencies. In fact- that is how all things are traded.

Our domestic economy continues to unravel. However, all eyes are on Greece right now. They are on the verge of default. They will default just as we will. But for now, we'll hold the door open for them. "You first." So it is, our worthless dollar has been climbing against the worthless euro. Right now it seems, on the worldwide bell curve, the euro is seen as more worthless than the dollar.

That mess in Europe simply creates the illusion that we are more solvent than they are. We're not.

We are about one month away from finding out just who is going to buy all of that treasury debt that the U.S. has to refinance since the Fed isn't going to buy it anymore. Ha! It's like playing hot potato.

Remember, all of this bad economic news is preceding a Presidential election. People who spend their time getting paid to take vacations and golf like to keep those gigs. Thus, they are going to have to go to that secret place where they keep all of the secret money and grab some more. Soon.


davecydell said...

To this delusional OWF it seems Bernake has given up on NObama. The elites have. NObama and McCain were the elites choices in 2008 for the sheeple to choose between. (In magic they call it a forced card).
But things are so bad the elites need a whipping boy, enter NObama.
The Two-Party-One-Hat crowd are so afraid of losing in 2012 that I would not be surprised to see the Democrats open up the Nomination Process within six months.

Anonymous said...

My guess is Bernanke gets thrown under the bus. Obami needs someone to blame and this time he would be right.