Monday, June 27, 2011

Making TSA Go Away

How much shit are we going to take from the government? Really. Who's government is this anyway?

Apparently we have lost all sense of decency and unity. We no longer care when 95 year old dying grandmothers are stripped of their Depends undergarments. I was so outraged at this story this morning that I couldn't even write.

Not at TSA. I am angry at our nation. The self absorbed cowards we have become. We don't give a shit about anyone else apparently- as long as it's not us losing our dignity. That's a real sense of community.

Guess what girls. We all get a turn. One by one these government drones are going to shake us all down. 

Check out these 10 incidents.

You want to end TSA peacefully? Quit flying. A nationwide strike against these assholes might have some effect. Quit spending your money on the airlines and the taxes that get levied to keep the TSA employed. I keep waiting to see what it's going to take for this country to grow some balls and a spine. If this incident doesn't reach that level of outrage it is doubtful anything will. Maybe we deserve this.

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