Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The FED Releases QE3 From Helicopter, You May Now Buy Precious Metals With the Utmost Confidence

I have been watching this artificial recovery for nearly three years and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what piece of trickery the FED was going to engage in next when QE2 ends on Thurs.

I mean if the whole world is bankrupt- just who is going to buy trillions of American debt that has to get refinanced each year? With the FED leaving the debt buffet and solvent countries like China saying screw the U.S., things looked pretty bleak until I read this today. Even the Mainstream Media writes something prescient once in awhile. http://money.cnn.com/2011/06/28/news/economy/federal_reserve_purchases/index.htm

QE3 in any shape means precisely one thing. It's over. The bluff has been called. There is no recovery and the banker class have now exposed their hands. We were just stealing you blind. Proof positive that like Greece, the U.S. has become a kleptocracy. http://www.zerohedge.com/article/guest-post-greece-kleptocracy

See any similarities between Greece and the U.S.? My not so humble opinion on how this unfolds. The banker/government class is now going to prop up the artificial economy at least through the Presidential election using various stealth forms of QE. They will also target alternative forms of investment- any thing other than the stock market- and destroy them. Rather than make gold and silver outright illegal- the government may attempt to tax the sales of precious metals so heavily that they will render them useless as a wealth preservation vehicle. Available investment dollars, will by default, get funneled into the investments that the  Any investment in PM's right now must come with that potential caveat. Having said that, if you are going to buy physical gold and silver to preserve your wealth then you had better damn well have a plan to liberate that investment and take it someplace friendly on a relatively short notice. Plan B.

If you think for a minute that we have control of this government and that they will not do these outlandish things...I will simply point to President Obama's handling of crooked bankers and his undeclared war on Libya. The abomination called TSA.

The rules have changed. This ain't your grandparents USA.


Anonymous said...

Do you really think QE3 (or Fuck Americans) or whatever they call it will actually float this economy for 17 more months???

Your not so humble opinion would be much appreciated!

Brian said...

They have now introduced the stealth QE 2.5- this is the 300 billion they are going to spend. They will do this very quietly and it should last a few months until the next great FED program.

Essentially Lisa, I think at this juncture we can all say the emperor has no clothes. All this QE did was funnel money to insolvent banks and greedy bankers. It didn't do a fucking thing to spawn investment nor did those assholes truly think that it would. It was all BS to funnel money to a bankrupt banking system. They are still trying to get the fucking thing solvent. That is what all this- has always been about.

No. The world is broke. We all know it. The sheeple haven't caught on yet. Protect yourself before the word gets out.

There will be stock and PM deflation, along with oil, sit chilly, have courage and buy like crazy at the bottom. Guessing maybe the mid 20's for silver, maybe 1200 gold.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'm better off here or not. Guess it really doesn't matter because here is where I must be. "Jodido pero contento"

barry said...

why the hell are we continuing to buy manufactured goods from china? can't the stuff at least be made in countries that are allies -like south korea or taiwan?
at least then that those exported jobs will strengthen democracies which maintain at least some human rights and environmental standards.
so what if some dollar stores close down?>they sell mostly pre landfill trash anyway.
if both europe and north america agree to stop this madness, the chinese dictatorship loses the only carrot they can show to their sheeple.