Friday, April 15, 2011

On Line Poker- We're Coming To Get You

Forget all of those millions of fraudulent liars loans. Thousands of people originating non performing loans for people who would never make the payments. Rating agencies giving fraudulent "AAA" status to bundled and bad mortgages- stealing investor money all over the world. The greatest controlled fraud of all time got a big old walk-courtesy of President Obama.

Rather than prosecute a few thousand of their own crooked bankers on Wall St., New York State decided to get tough on three internet poker sites. You see, those are easy targets. They don't grease government. In the court of public opinion, the vast majority of Americans won't care. They know that.

That's what this is really all about. Government cannot find a way to steal a large portion of the proceeds from off-shore gaming companies. They don't pay the government vigorish. Taxes. If government could extract 30 or so percent, trust me, internet gaming would be legal. Pay us and we'll make you all legal. That's why gaming is legal in 48 states. Government always gets it's cut.

I quit playing on line many years ago. I won a significant amount of money, called for a check. They sent it and just as soon as they did- I couldn't win a hand. Interesting, it was as though they never wanted me withdrawing money from them again. Weird. Not heart broken over this.

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davecydell said...

April 18.... another bad morning. At 9am silver down to 42.60 and I was looking to buy the dip. Then the S&P finally gets a rating correct and the roof blows of the sucker.