Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How To Spot and Identify Moonbats

In the United States, approximately 52% of the voting public at any given time, can be characterized as Moonbat. Moonbats or statists are very often trusting, well educated, and always- completely unconscious. They generally go to college as rebellious young adults and become indoctrinated by Moonbat college professors. Moonbats acquire a set of beliefs. Often, they will cling to these beliefs forever. The belief will never be consciously examined again. Because they think quite highly of themselves, Moonbats always think that they are better educated than their opposition. When confronted by a sound set of facts that disprove their ridiculous beliefs- Moonbats will often devolve into name calling.From Wiki...Moonbat is a term used in United States politics as a political epithet referring to progressives or leftists.

The problem with Moonbats is that they defy all reason. You cannot change their thinking because they adamantly believe they are intellectually superior to you already. This makes dealing with them almost impossible. They are collectivists and statists. They are almost always atheists. They think government is the solution. Unfortunately, the Moonbats are defended by laws which prohibit us from beating the shit out of them.

So the way I see it, we can't beat the shit out of all of the Moonbats nor can we kill them and make it look like an accident. Like Jonestown. So the only option left to us is to try and identify Moonbats so that we can simply avoid the fuckers. I come from an incubator- an absolute microcosm- of statists. I have pondered why that is. I have identified clues and hints- things that will help you identify a Moonbat by simply listening and observing them. Having identified a Moonbat- what you do next is up to you.

Moonbats cling to old beliefs. They come from places like the left coast, schools like Cal Berkeley and USC. Moonbat cities like San Francisco, Portland, or Seattle make me very wary. Anytime an unknown person tells me that they went to college and live in a large city- I immediately start thinking potential Moonbat until proven otherwise. Occupations can be important. Moonbats gravitate towards occupations that they think support their beliefs. Environmentalists, therapists, teachers, consultants, that sort of thing. The real key to spotting a Moonbat is what they do with their free time. Moonbats are active and healthy. They select outdoor activities. They like to drink and smoke pot as long as they can eat some organic food in between. Pay attention to how they eat. Look at what they drive. They drive green cars, Beemers and Volvos, shit like that. Sometimes they have stickers like "let peace break out" "co exist" or hate Bush stuff. They love to come off as worldly, well traveled, and special. They drink wine and exotic drinks. They are generally cowards- they find anyone willing to voice an opinion- "offensive." They don't like guns. They tend to believe in gay marriage. They want legal abortions and they want to make failing to recycle trash- a crime. They almost uniformly believe religion is complete and utter bullshit.

In fact, I have found religion to be one of the key elements in finding Moonbats. Like a Nazi hunter. If you really want to smoke a Moonbat out quickly, ask them if they attend church regularly. They get nervous, evasive, sometimes confused and defensive. Unfortunately, putting them on the spot like this gives away your conservative lean. Moonbats avoid religion like the plague. Imagine being a Moonbat and thinking you are the greatest being in the universe. That is what Moonbats have to look forward to. Makes me giggle.

One other thing. Moonbats love to judge others and call them racists. They will always say they are not racist. Never forget this. This is a key personality trait. Part of their holier than thou Moonbat repertoire.  

For me, Moonbats speak a universal language. I can spot them a mile away. I use the skills that I honed in Moonbat Valley- not to fight with them but just to identify and avoid them. I find speaking with them kind of dull. You can do it if you have to. Just nod your head a lot and try not to say something unique, imaginative, or criticize government. Moonbats are very sensitive to this. They will immediately realize you are not like them.

When you find yourself surrounded by Moonbats you are better off just keeping quiet. Try not to engage them. Remember that Moonbats represent the majority voice in every bankrupt state in the United States. We don't need any more proof than that to see how their philosophy has been working. Eventually, they will run out of states, all 57 of them and the Moonbat experiment will officially be over. Until then, be wary. Don't give them any intelligence. Just let them talk about themselves which they love to do. If you have to talk to them, keep it simple- family, friends, weather. Anything else may trigger their sensitivities. Keep it simple, happy. That is precisely why I don't use turn signals. I don't want the enemy knowing what my next move is.


Airstikes for Peace said...

Latest update from the Valley of the Moonbat. Some local, well meaning students crashed a council meeting with the intent of enacting local legislation to make using plastic grocery bags illegal. This is cutting edge stuff. We will see if local government will take the sane approach and state support but opt not to legislate this, or will they jump on board the indoctinated Moonbat Express and make plastic bags illegal. Whats the punishment? I want to be the first to haul some Grandma to jail for using a plastic bag. I've always dreamed of being part of a Supreme Court decision. YEE HAWWW!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess I've lived a charmed life. I have never known a moonbat personally. Moonbats were unheard of in the mining industry. We did have an in-house lawyer that was a moonbat wannabe. But he couldn't drink wine without putting ice cubes in it. I know an old Venezuelan women who makes her living neutering dogs and cats and unfaithful husbands. For $10.00 ahead, I bet she could take care of your problem in moonbat valley. Let me know if you want me to talk to her. You don't have to pay me a dime.

Brian said...

That's some good stuff Big D. Maybe that is the same idiot kid who wanted to outlaw transfats in rest. food in Ketchum. It is the moonbat adults who cheer on the moonbat children!

Jim...there is no way you have escaped the moonbats. They installed this POS Prez of ours...

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian, was looking over my older blog posts, and I saw you commented to one of them back in early March. I apologize for not responding, I was a little out of action in March and not keeping up with Fleeceme like I should have. Just wanted to say thanks for dropping by and commenting. =)

Also, I like your style my friend. This moonbat post was very enjoyable and hauntingly true, lol. Good stuff.