Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tax Dodgers To Be Made Public

Our two tier criminal justice system is still working fine.

We have the first tier where all of us little schmucks get threatened with prison for fudging our charitable contributions. The second tier justice system is the one reserved for the elite who cheat the government out of billions.

Next week, wikileaks is going to disclose 2000 tax evaders. That would be FELONY tax evaders. These are people with swiss bank accounts and accounts in the Cayman Islands. The list includes 40 politicians. The list is a global one.

I will expect absolutely nothing to happen as usual. We have no rule of law in this country anymore. These folks will be subjected to the 2nd tier of justice where your only fear might be how much money the IRS can wring out of you. No other penalties attach. However when that list gets made public, you can damn sure bet I'll be watching. I would not be surprised to see some really familiar names. I am personally wondering if Hillary and Bill can hit the wikileaks exacta and go two for two.

Now wouldn't that be some shit?

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