Saturday, January 15, 2011

The War Is Over, You Lost

I originally started this blog for two reasons. I love to write and I was scared. I was scared shitless that our government thought absolutely nothing about STEALING our money and delivering it to those filthy bankers. Our country was too collectively stupefied to oppose those thieves.

If you remember correctly, Hank Paulson virtually asked for a blank check. He didn't even want any oversight. When Congress went ahead and delivered that trillion, I almost had a fucking heart attack. That solitary act violated every rule and principle I had ever been taught. (We now know that the FED gave those thieving bastards 9 TRILLION, several trillion to foreign banks!) That failing businesses must fail. That government cannot turn over tax payer money to private interests. And they certainly cannot compete with private businesses. They cannot buy private companies like GM and then compete against Ford. To this day, government has not prosecuted one thieving, lying banker. And that includes that scumbag Paulson.

In short, they broke every rule in the book. Corporate America owns government, top to bottom.

That was when I said- I had seen enough. Our government had lost all control. When I tried to talk with other people about this, they couldn't care less. They were busy with their self absorbed lifestyles, making beemer payments, smoking weed and watching Dancing With the Stars.

The elite delivered your wealth and your work product to themselves. They still have their penthouses and bonuses on Wall St. The elite did that and survived quite nicely. Aided by a a Frankenstein Government that they have created. How does my ass taste?

It's been over two years. The bankers still make millions, corporate America makes billions, the politicians line their own pockets, and Bernanke is stealing every last penny you have. The wealth transfer is nearly complete. And last night I stumbled onto this piece. A few people are starting to figure out that they got slipped a date rape drug and they are actually writing about it. All of this time and I thought I was the lone gunman lost in some black hole.

Excellent read. Eloquently written. Just like my stuff. *Sinister laugh.

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