Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Obama Will Be an Epic Fail

It is not necessary to level angry hate speech. It is not necessary to get in nasty political wars back and forth. What follows is an explanation. A simple explanation why President Obama will become an epic fail. It has nothing to do with skin color, your reverend, or your golf game. It is much simpler than that. President Obama just doesn't possess the key ingredient, found here:

Imagine having the greatest opportunity life gives anyone. Then imagine all those belief systems, those unworkable and ill conceived- sometimes true and false- belief systems that manifest themselves in some childhood fantasy. Of hope and change. Two words designed to capture votes, but of themselves are hollow. There can be no hope or change where courage does not exist.

Imagine hope and change without courage in 1860. Imagine the probable outcome facing a man who given the greatest opportunity in life would squander it for lack of courage. Perhaps it would have been handed off or left for someone else. But courage came with hope and change in that hallowed time and a nation of free men set about righting an old wrong. They paid for it with their lives. But such is the outcome when hope and change come with courage.

So it was in 2008, that a nation beset with the worst economic disaster of their lives fell for a couple of hollow words. Ingredients that by themselves cannot complete any rescue recipe. And a man, who lacked one vital ingredient- held hostage by immature and fallible belief systems, set about doing the work where courageous men see opportunity. There would be no Antietam and no Gettysburg here, no bloody fields perhaps no bullet when it was over. And there would be no hope, nor change, where great personal courage is not part of that effort. Men are not born with courage. They learn it and acquire it. Courage is the ability and vision to see what has to be done, the willingness to incur the awful damage that it will surely bring, and the determination to bring the task to its conclusion.

And I see a man that will squander that chance. A man so gifted in so many ways. But all of that matters not if you don’t bring some personal courage to the party. That is how it’s going to end for him. People will scratch their heads and wonder why he failed. And I will tell you. You can be the best orator, the sharpest dresser, a comedian. All of those things are nice. But if you are going to step up and lead the world, you better have a shitload of courage and this man, well I haven’t even seen a trace of courage so far.

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