Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Creating the Illusion of Economic Health- Why it is Vital To Blow Smoke Up Your Ass

A comment snipped from ZeroHedge.

by Cognitive Dissonance
on Tue, 09/21/2010 - 06:40

The existing power structure will remain in place as long as they can shield the population from the consequences of it's actions.

Combine this infallible truth with the sociopaths who make up the top tier of the current power structure and the answer is they will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING they can to shield the population from the consequences of their actions. That most certainly includes stock market manipulation by any means necessary.


Very often I see heated debates with people on various web sites where the consensus view is that people like the one above are nuts. Absolute testimony to the success of the lies told by politicians, leaders, and the FED. They are given great credibility yet chaps like this are dismissed.

There is a real danger in attaching all of that credibility in your leadership. They have everything to lose. They are HUGELY motivated to lie. The guy above? What's his motivation?

I always attach diminished credibility to those with the greatest need to lie. Whether that's politicians trying to get re-elected amidst a scandal or a murderer caked in blood proclaiming his innocence.

Ask yourself that question while examining a socialized bank system that practices the most lax accounting standards in existence- allowed and encouraged to do so by politicians. A 20 trillion national debt, and a FED that continues to buy everything in sight (bonds) and which will try a second round of quantitative easing as it experiences the death throes of deflation (the things you want) and inflation (the things you need) at the same time.

The recession was over in June of 2009, only nobody noticed. Because you know, we're so economically healthy and vibrant.

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