Sunday, December 20, 2009

Please Rat Out Your Neighbors...Carry the Message!

Frankenstein Government can't rein in their spending, so now they are on the attack looking for tax "cheats" and offering rewards.

Fortunately, they have a two million dollar threshold which pretty much insulates anybody who knows me, friends patiently waiting on a torn bar stool and the promise of two for one well drinks at the Vista Bar.

Maybe I could get a job as a tax cheat informant. Maybe infiltrate some lavish parties, spark a conversation or two about Cayman bank accounts. I 'd have to be discreet. Use my head lest I stumble into Mayor Johnson or any of Obama's cabinet appointees. Wind up like that poor sap Walpin. Maybe I could focus my efforts on elite republicans. Barack would like that.

The only tax cheat I am concerned with is a government that stole my taxes to bail out bankers, insurance companies, and car manufacturers. Using my tax dollars to buy cars and houses for people. Who do we call to turn those folks in?

The CHEATS are our government. Government cheats us again by flooding the world with un backed fiat currency and devaluing our existing and saved dollars. Inflating the cost of everything- including oil.

Rat out your neighbors? Your neighbors are the good guys. Frankenstein Government offering rewards and masquerading as a victim? Sorry not drinking that Kool Aid anymore. Had the government shown the capacity to do the right thing, put banks in receivership, let GM fail, which I might add is the LAW...then I might think differently.

As it stands, the biggest crook I can think of isn't my neighbor...not by a long shot.

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