Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

New jobless claims around 460,000. Nobody has a clue exactly how many people are unemployed. How can we find that data? Easy. It's called tax returns. Or tax non returns. Surely our transparent government will supply the data...ahhh..who's Christmas Eve.

A couple thousand years ago- a man was born. The son of God and his name was Jesus Christ. And although he committed no crime he was executed by man. Each year at this time we celebrate his birth.

The American version of Christmas is that we go out and waste a lot of money buying worthless shit for our families and friends. I guess this is the capitalist way of celebrating the life of a man that had absolutely nothing to do with the wanting of materialistic crap.

Today I will finish buying worthless shit for my family. They will pretend they love it. I will pretend to love the worthless shit they buy me. I will be thankful that they are all alive and well, reasonably happy, and each year as I grow older I look at my family just a little bit differently. Love them a little bit more even though they are just as insane and crazy as the millions of sheep that run out and buy worthless shit or execute innocent people who preach love and understanding.

I too, am equally as insane and crazy as the rest of my family. But I am going to try and love them just a little bit more, and try a little harder to understand them. I don't care if they return the favor. Unconditional love was the message 2000 years ago and it's still the message today. Hopefully that is the message we will carry today and tonight. Merry Christmas everyone.

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CompleatPatriot said...

Fucking incredible, this pagan bullshit Roman fakery is mind blowing, December 25th is the Birth of the Roman SUN god Worship.. All the heathens are running about like insane little party brats, all the while their country sinks further into fascism.. Oh yeah, bless this this shit hole Jesus, we love you man, we're to busy to be sorry about those 50 million babys we aborted, all those foreigners lands we invaded shoving this crap democracy down their throats, and if they didn't want it we shot em, We looked the other way when our warriors came home and told us the truth about those conflicts we started, we pissed on the Ten Commandments and threw it out, We bow down to every false idol what comes along.. Hell man, we're still driving nails in you Lord.. Please Forgive us.. Whats that you say Lord ? Not enough repenters in America so you will destroy America, I understand Lord.. They have scabs over their (eyes).. Or is that the SUN..