Thursday, October 22, 2009

Every Once in Awhile, You Gotta Chop Someone's Head Off in the Square

I read this story on the BBC and it kind of left me speechless.

When did it ever, I mean ever, become government's role or job description to determine the salary of people working in the private sector? Did we pass some amendment that I never heard about?

And just what is a "Pay Czar?" Did we get that term from communist Russia, comrades?

Now Frankenstein has apparently determined that in addition to stealing tax payer dollars and delivering it to bankers, that somehow that bestows additional rights to determine what any given executives' salary should be. Two wrongs make it right- kind of thinking.

Hey Franky, while you're at, why don't you adjust the entire payroll of the NY Yankees? They have been overpaid and under performing for years. Or the NFL or NBA? Some of those players make eight figures. And don't forget Tiger Woods, that dude has been making 100 mill a year. Or what about that Oprah-eviscerating men and hawking books on TV?

Sic that pay czar on 'em. That ridiculous kind of pay offends my sense of values yet nothing ever seems to get done.

And just who are these "anonymous people" with offended values? Did they sign a petition or something?

So let me explain what this really is. This is cowardly and political expediency. I saw our fearless leader dispose of GM's CEO, Rick Wagoner. I saw Obama dispose of an Inspector General who caught Sac Town Mayor and loyal supporter Kevin Johnson stealing taxpayer money and offed him when he tried to expose it. And now, you greedy bankers, its your turn.

This is what happens when your leader is dropping like a rock in the polls. A narcissist that attacks anyone and anything that doesn't agree with his un-communicated belief system. Preying on easy targets and chopping their heads off to make the minions happy. This country has so many problems yet here we are, worrying about this nonsensical shit. Like it's new or something.

If this is the kind of stuff Frankenstein is focused on, man we are in a lot of trouble. Jimmy Carter, your prayers have been answered. We may have found a worthy successor for your place in the annals of history.

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