Friday, January 1, 2016

Build Lots of Prisons, For We Shall All Be Criminals Soon Enough- The Sunday Collage

Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.

I've tried to be a good citizen most of my life. I've never had much use for rural speed limits but other than that- I've been pretty good. Once in awhile a murderous rage overcomes me, but as of yet, the government hasn't figured out how to ferret those thoughts out of me, pass a law stopping them, or just ask me to disclose them and send in a fine. So while I've had the good discipline to avoid any sort of rap sheet thus far- that is certainly subject to change.

You see, you simply cannot look at this leviathan government with it's Supreme Court rubber stampers and envision any sort of future or ending other than a violent one.

Nobody wants to talk about that. We think we can negotiate, reason with our masters. Come to agreement. We think we are too intelligent or civilized to have to settle our issues using "violence." Unfortunately throughout time- it is violence that settles most issues.

Try to envision a day, which shouldn't be too hard to do, when the government at all three levels- local, state and federal are garnishing your wages collectively at 75%- leaving you with 25%. The only people escaping this tremendous tariff will be the poor who simply can't pay it and the somewhat rare and uber rich who have already bribed our government to get the best tax treatment money can buy. The rich and elite also have the means to hide money and evacuate to some other locale. Being the chicken shits that I have known most rich people to be- I doubt they'd be much use to anyone, anyway.

That this is coming is evidenced by our government which has now passed a law preventing people who owe taxes from leaving our shores and suspending their passports. You will be stuck here like some poor, wage slave except this that plantation is much larger than the ones in South Carolina.

Thus at some future point, everyone stuck between the uber poor and the uber rich- will be getting their financial asses kicked paying taxes on everything. This will scale up rapidly I think, as more and more people drop out and the rich start to flee our shores. The most level headed among the remaining souls will want to negotiate with our government masters. Our government masters, having all the power will engage in some superficial negotiations and may even make a minor concession here or there- presenting themselves as cooperative. The middle class negotiators may use this as evidence that our government is still representative and responsible to "we the people"- which of course it is not.

The people with standing power never negotiate. Not only are negotiations not in their collective interest- they don't see any gain in making concessions. Power has a collective ego which says, "we are right and they are wrong." And so it is that our government masters will selfishly trench themselves in- ultimately making peaceful negotiations impossible. Our middle class negotiators will find superficial victories less common and anything substantive will be hollowed out and lost.

That is how this will end.

Now perhaps you are of the mindset that believes that all of this can be avoided. That somehow, some way, people will come to their senses in time to avoid all of this. To that I will point to the history of mob rule democracy- a democratic regime which is clearly in charge right now. They will appropriate for themselves anything they desire and they will invoke their majority as reason enough. Obamacare is a fine example of this.

Our masters are going to seize what they want from us. They are going to pass laws, tax and criminalize any sort of behavior which aids them- while diminishing you and your freedoms. People will appeal these arbitrary laws and seizures to the rubber stampers. The rubber stampers, members of government, will make their decisions in favor of government expansion which they have already been doing for 90 years or so.

And one day, when we are all sick and tired of losing- people are going to wake up. The force that divides us now will be the same force that unifies us then.

They'll pass a lot more laws, try to outlaw guns, outlaw gold and silver, outlaw currency and trade done in cash sans government monitoring. Credit cards with chips embedded in them will track you and shut off your money flow when they see fit. They'll pass laws preventing you from leaving our shores which they already have and they'll continue to tax you after you leave.They will pass a lot of shitty, freedom sucking laws and I suspect that most people- like the sheep that they are- will obey them.

There will be the dissenters, the old men like me, who will tell Obama, or Clinton, or Trump, or Congress, or Justice Roberts to go fuck themselves. I don't need any help reading the Bill of Rights nor do I need their bullshit interpretation of the commerce clause or their abandonment of "we the people" in favor of "we who write big re-election checks." It will be lonely at first. It always is.. These are the bravest of souls. The first ones will be labeled traitorous or treasonous. They will be punished and jailed, perhaps executed. Normal, decent folks like Edward Snowden and those that will surely follow him.

One by one, the pieces will fall into place. The government with it's vast array of eavesdropping capabilities, stored fuel, ammunition, drones and hastily built prison camp system- will think they are ready and own the high ground.

Americans, armed with well over a billion guns, a boatload of ingenuity, and a healthy distaste for a bully government will finally find some courage and have their say. The talking time will have passed.

Oh how I envy those who will see those days. Those deserters of death who will help restore the Republic. Government as we know it will finally be eradicated and re-manufactured with the additional lessons we have learned regarding campaign reform, term limits, the elimination of a central bank and the banking cabal once and for all, lobbyists and corporate bribery all gone. A fair tax and social programs where workers participate- rather than be ordered and gutted. Representation that spends money where it should be spent- at home. Never ending wars finished.Terrible precedent and woeful decisions by the rubber stampers thrown out. A re-installation of our Republic and a rule of law which applies to all once again.  What a wonderful place this will be then. What a wonderful place this once was.

And oh how I laugh at those that think things will be settled any other way.


Compleat Patriot said...

Well while you're seeking success in strangling the last political pimp with the entrails of the last lying priest I'm thinking on how much I'd enjoy being an observer at their judgement for their many nasty and nefarious deeds here against the innocent and the betrayed done dirt cheap.

Anonymous said...

Well Written

Anonymous said...

We're criminals now.

I think I'm too old to make it to this end but you never know-the anger is certainly on a boil.

Compleat Patriot said...

So is Malheur National Wildlife Refuge about to become a National Cemetery for the intellectually Challenged? Sheeesh..

And speaking of intellectually combined even with intelligently challenged have you read the comments at the Wildlife News for dunces and zombies that bow their knee to their tyrant gOd?

I mean come on? I thought academics had a brain between their ears??? They're just as silly as Ammon Bundy is..

Brian said...

So the blog owner of Wildlife News is Ralph Maughn, flaming liberal, hugely instrumental in wolf reintroduction, past President of Sierra Club, and my college professor.

That whole fucking blogsite is flamers and left wing environmentalists-

The absolute dumbest thing I have ever witnessed was the re-introduction of wolves, the vast costs, and the inevitability of wolves getting wiped out again.

I stay the fuck off the site. Huffpo readers look like moderates compared to that crew.


Anonymous said...

The land of the free, and home of the brave has come to this.

We're going to have to claw it back <<<.

Anonymous said...

Well it's the same here in Australia except they took our guns of us.