Monday, December 28, 2015

All Men Are Not Created Equal- The Sunday Collage

I think men were created with rights. Be they God given or by galactic mistake. We weren't put here to serve others unless of course, we choose to do so.

I guess that choosing part, who chooses, makes all the difference.

Thomas Jefferson, the great polymath, penned the phrase "all men are created equal." As he penned that phrase, Tom must have forgotten about those slaves he owned. I suppose being a polymath does not always include uncovering your own hypocritical tendencies.The great truth is, all men are not created equal. They never have been. In fact it's not even close and as it turns out- that is a large part of our current problem.

You see the big credentialed geniuses then and now- really aren't the geniuses we think they are. The truth does not become truth simply because some well respected man utters a phrase which we wished were true but in all reality- is completely false. Wishing something were true does not make it so.

This week on "American Thinker" I read a piece about how the government can now seize your passport for being a tax "scofflaw." The author, part of the brain washed herd of Americans, thinks that it is perfectly fine to seize one's passport for an arbitrary amount of uncollected taxes- now currently 50k and certainly to be revised downward in the coming years, Apparently this author believes it is the state that endows us with our freedom. That our freedom to travel is some privilege that can only be conferred upon us by our government masters and now taken away as they see fit.

This is why I detest government yet love my country- filled as it is with brainwashed sheep. This is in large part why I started this blog. I come from the brainwashed herd.

In America, we once fought a war with a King over 3% in taxes. Today we think of nothing of paying 40-50% in taxes or better- nearly all of us- except for those wealthy, elite corporate souls who have created a tax law which allows them to dodge what those of us in the middle class cannot.

Please think about this. Every time the government snatches some of your money- you have lost the freedom that comes with that money. It might have been a vacation, tuition, or elective surgery. Your freedom, your ability to succeed, hinges on what the government takes from you. We see this  each time the government passes a new law- somebody somewhere is losing a freedom they used to possess.

Mostly we don't care as government sets about the task of identifying minorities- like lottery winners- and sucking up every last cent that they can get away with. Government couldn't accomplish such brazen acts of thievery without the aid of a hollowed out media that pretends to have some watchdog function- yet we all know that our media owners ride on horses carrying the government's brand.

We once had a media whereby authority was questioned. Where truth spoke to power and our Kings like Nixon- were banished in disgrace. Today we have a corporate media- completely captured and owned by elite tax dodgers. Afraid to call criminals like Hillary- a criminal. They sit idly by while these pieces of shit seek shameless power for themselves knowing they will benefit when they remind Hillary of the stories they quashed, of the checks they sent.

We once had leadership which refused to allow any central bank to skim off our wealth and inflate away the buying power of our work product by manipulating the quantity of our currency. Andrew Jackson where are you now?

We wouldn't dream of allowing tax money- money needed for running our government- to be siphoned off for loans to private banks, insurance companies, automakers, and anyone else promising votes or campaign contributions. We wouldn't have simply gotten rid of these government types that exercised control over our tax dollars- we would have had them prosecuted for malfeasance, fraud, or dereliction of fiduciary duty. Not only do they hijack our tax dollars, and create the very system that destroys us- but they have the shameless audacity to write books about themselves such as Paulson's On the Brink: Inside the Race to Stop the Collapse of the Global Financial System.

Our founders could not have conceived of a Supreme Court that rules nearly 100% of the time against "We the people" in favor of expanding government control over us and diminishing our freedoms every chance they get. A court that apparently has suspended the rule of law, turns a willful blind eye to 4th and 5th amendment protections against illegal seizures and due process- that allows government to do anything just so long as it can hop over the lowest bars of justification real or imagined. They do this because they owe. They owe their jobs to government and the party which selected them. You, they owe nothing to. You are simply some subservient herd animal, powerless to intervene or change the course of events. You exist as a conduit to be governed and fleeced. Any talk of freedom will be done with their permission.

That's how the system has evolved. Or devolved. The individual is powerless and he sure as hell is not equal.

I believed that Thomas Jefferson bullshit for 50 years. Until I realized it was bullshit, written by a slave owner, a member of the elite class of his day. No different then than the bullshit spewed by Trump to an angry America now. Trump is a man certainly created greater than equal, just like Mr Jefferson was. People are going to fall for Trump's bullshit just like Jefferson's. We desperately want what they say to be true. We believe it.

Unfortunately, it ain't true just because we want it to be true.

The reality is simple. We are not created equal. We are not free in as much as the great orators and geniuses of our time spout that bullshit. For me to believe that means I must disregard everything my lying eyes and ears tell me.

Government and freedom are not mutually exclusive concepts but they certainly are today. There is no stopping this. It will continue until such point that it can't continue- that will happen when virtually every American realizes they have been fucked and a collective anger the likes of which has not been seen in a long time sweeps across this land once again.

I shall end here today with the great inescapable truth about freedom which Isabel calls "harm"- as spoken by someone not a polymath and certainly not a member of the elite class.

“Most of the harm in the world is done by good people, and not by accident, lapse, or omission. It is the result of their deliberate actions, long persevered in, which they hold to be motivated by high ideals toward virtuous ends.” 
― Isabel PatersonThe God of the Machine

 Born Isabel Mary Bowler in rural Manitoulin IslandOntario, she moved with her family to the west when she was very young. She grew up on a cattle ranch in Alberta. Paterson's family was quite poor and she had eight siblings. A voracious reader who was largely self-educated, she had brief and informal public schooling during these years: about three years in a country school, from the ages of 11 to 14. In her late teen years, Bowler left the ranch for the city of Calgary, where she took a clerical job with the Canadian Pacific Railway. As a teenager, she worked as a waitress, stenographer, and bookkeeper, working at one point as an assistant to futureCanadian Prime Minister R. B. Bennett.


Compleat Patriot said...

There are two kinds of people on this Continent according to the Treaty of Paris, 1783: the “free sovereign and independent people of the United States” which are the "We The People" who are actual signatories of that agreement by various international compacts, one specifically being that Constitution, nothing more than a corporate private contract between them and the King of England, the “inhabitants” on this continent are not a party to those agreements and the Supreme Court has ruled accordingly. That is why Jefferson referred to us as subjects, then changed the word to citizen because it sounds better. The truth is Citizen=subject=slave to the British Crown sovereign subjects who are here to deliver “essential governmental services” (The Constitution Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2). That pretty much tells the story right there. "We The People" legally means them, the signatories of the compacts. "Our Posterity" means their bloodlines. I'm not related to those "founders" are you? When they come out and say, "We are doing this for the American People" they are not talking about YOU or I. They mean themselves. Citizen subject slaves own nothing, pay tribute, and are only recognized as PERSONS which are contracted corporate entities in their service. When you refer to yourself as "We The People" you are in error same as those Freeman Sovereign Citizen morons who challenge the courts over the corporations intellectual property, often those Bill of Rights which come from the hands of men playing gods. {Freeman Sovereign Citizen is a legal impossibility as a man cannot be both a sovereign and a citizen} You and I and all of these sheep around us being "We The People" who are citizens and you call yourself a citizen are not sovereigns thus are not "We The People." All men are not equal in legal standing. Can this be changed for say one man who decides for himself he no longer wants to be their property? Human resource legally means property.. Yes there is. Those founders did it and the King agreed with them and gave them their sovereignty. The precedent has been set. The issue is comprehension. And with that comes responsibility. All spoken of in the Law of Nations by Vattel which is the foundation of the Constitutional Document, compact, which is the property of the signatories of it. Which is one of the reasons only the Estate government can challenge the State concerning constitutional rights violations of one or more citizens. Because as the Supreme Court ruled the citizen is not a party to it.

“But indeed, no person has a right to complain, by suit in Court, on the ground of a breech of the Constitution. The Constitution, it is true, is a compact (contract), but he is not a party to it. The States are a party to it…” (emphasis added). [Padelford, Fay & Co. vs. The Mayor and Alderman of the City of Savannah, 14 Ga. 438 (1854)]

“The People” does not include you and me. “The Constitution was ordained and established by the people of the United States for themselves, for their own government, and not for the government of the individual States. Each State established a constitution for itself, and in that constitution provided such limitations and restrictions on the powers of its particular government as its judgment dictated. The people of the United States framed such a government for the United States as they supposed best adapted to their situation and best calculated to promote their interests.” [Barron v. Mayor & City Council of Baltimore. 32 U.S. 243]

Elements of Ecclesiastical Law

Anonymous said...

“Most of the harm in the world is done by good people..."

Hmmm, really? Islam killing over 700 million in 1400 years. Governments like Red China, USSR, Nazis, Pol Pot, the N Korea madmen killed a couple 100 million in the past 100 years. These were good people?

It's certainly true that the road to hell is paved with good intentions-sometimes. But the nightmare we're living now is fueled by ideologies and greed driven by power hungry monsters. For example, LBJ knew damn well that funneling cash to a welfare goose train would secure the votes of blacks and at the same time make them dependent on that money. You might call that harm done by good people. I sure as hell don't.

Ann Barnhardt's famous axiom that anyone running for office is psychologically unfit to hold that office is truth. But someone's gotta do it and right now the best instrument of destruction I see is Trump.

I don't know what your solution is, if one is even available short of rivers of blood. When Ryan can be lauded by both Rs and Ds(he got a standing ovation!) while us pee-ons wail needlessly, it seems obvious that more of the same ain't gonna cut it.

My wife and I were lamenting shit last night and both of us are glad we're closer to the end then the start-I'd be a government's worst nightmare if I was in my 20s, at least for a while.

Compleat Patriot said...


All Sovereign Men Are Created Equal according to the Law of Nations. All tyrants of all sovereign nations enjoyed/enjoy the same legal standing in international law according to the Law of Nations.

Jefferson meant all Men standing in the position of sovereign men. Nation builders using international law.

So his slaves in his mind were not Men and in the minds of these Sovereign Men in control of the nations they do not see you nor myself as men. We are PERSONS, individuals, homo sapiens.. Human Resources-all property.

That is why they treat us like a milk cow. Coercive Taxation.

In their legal conundrums they never call you nor myself Man. Why? because they don't own Man.

They set up dummy corporations which are not taxable. They have been doing it since the introduction of the IRS. For example one of these men's dummy corporation will do billions in business. This guy being the executor of the dummy corporation, in reality a corporate trust, will pay taxes on his salary as executor.

They designed this system and they set up their own protection against it.

Been going on since day one..

Compleat Patriot said...

"The law of nations is the law of sovereigns. It is principally for them, and for their ministers, that it ought to be written. All mankind are indeed interested in it; and, in a free country, the study of its maxims is a proper employment for every citizen; but it would be of little consequence to impart the knowledge of it only to private individuals, who are not called to the councils of nations, and who have no influence in directing the public measures. If the conductors of slates, if all those who are employed in public affairs, condescended to apply seriously to the study of a science which ought to be their law, and, as it were, the compass by which to steer their course, what happy effects might we not expect from a good treatise on the law of nations! We every day feel the advantages of a good body of laws in civil society: — the law of nations is, in point of importance, as much superior to the civil law, as the proceedings of nations and sovereigns are more momentous in their consequences than those of private persons...."
"...But fatal experience too plainly proves how little regard those who are at the head of affairs pay to the dictates of justice, in conjunctures where they hope to find their advantage. Satisfied with bestowing their attention on a system of politics which is often false, since often unjust, the generality of them think they have done enough when they have thoroughly studied that. Nevertheless, we may truly apply to states a maxim which has long been acknowledged as true with respect to individuals, — that the best and safest policy is that which is founded on virtue. Cicero, as a great master in the art of government as in eloquence and philosophy, does not content himself with rejecting the vulgar maxim, that "a state cannot be happily governed without committing injustice;" he even proceeds so far as to lay down the very reverse of the proposition as an invariable truth, and maintains, that "without a strict attention to the most rigid justice, public affairs cannot be advantageously administered."
Providence occasionally bestows on the world kings and ministers whose minds are impressed with this great truth. Let us not renounce the pleasing hope that the number of those wise conductors of nations will one day be multiplied; and in the interim let us, each in his own sphere, exert our best efforts to accelerate the happy period." ~ [Emmerich de Vattel, The Law of Nations]

Compleat Patriot said...

Another great study along with "The Law of Nations" by Emer de Vattel published in 1750 is Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations originally published in 1776. A nation is owned property. Jefferson no doubt lived his sovereign nation building business life according to those documents. Still in play today.

“The extension of the empire has meant the growth of private fortunes. This is nothing new, indeed it is in keeping with the most ancient history” -Gaius Asinius Gallus (The Annals of Imperial Rome)

“The great discovery of the “Dark Ages” is that people can have a society without a state.”
~Carroll Quigley

Anonymous said...


I found a guy somewhere out in the intarwebs that echoed everything you have ever said about this topic and our owner masters. At one point I actually cut and thought about pasting everything he had to say- I even wondered if it was you.


Compleat Patriot said...


We can win, for our self personally. If we try and save the herd, we're done.

Years and years ago most men here understood the factual reality of this corporation nations legal history. Spooner, P.Henry who led the anti federalists, Thoreau, Taylor. Essentially the banking cartel successfully suppressed this knowledge.

Straight from their own lips in a Congressional Globe of which I posted at TRs today.

In order to maintain our system of power, the institution of universal public education is indispensable. The anarchy of private education in which any manner of dangerous ideas could be spread cannot be tolerated. Thus we make private education financially impossible to all but the few, mostly the elite offspring of our financial entourage, by means of burdensome taxation and regulation. The primary purpose of public education is to inculcate the idea that our crucial institutions of coercion and monopoly were created for the public good by popular national heroes to blunt the past power of the malefactors of great wealth. It is crucial to create the impression that, although the people have been exploited in the past, today the wealthy are at the mercy of an all-powerful government which is finally in the hands of the people or do-gooding liberals.
For those of more sophistication who reject this Pollyanna view of reality, we promote the "liberal reformer mentality", which holds that a new era of reform is on the verge of crushing forever the last vestiges of money lordism. Of course, the reforms, after taking shape as a bewildering myriad of regulatory agencies and taxes, are found to be ineffective in subordinating our power to the popular will, whereupon we stir up another era of progressive reform.

Brian said...

Greg I totally agree. That is an excellent paragraph- intrinsically true. Very often I like to ask folks, how come our public education system talks about 3 branches of government ad nauseum yet never utters a word about the Federal Reserve? Strange indeed.