Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My H.I.P.P.A. Approved FG Update

The last few months have not been my best.

In late July I managed to get a blood clot in my left leg which left me out of commission and flat on my back through most of August. The blood clot also exacerbated a problem in my left knee which got worse.

When I returned back to work in mid- August, I left work one day and noticed these floating black objects in my right eye. I ignored these "floaters" thinking they would go away. At the end of August I moved into my old house. I was pulling weeds in the alley on Sept 2nd when one of the dead weeds I pulled up scratched my right cornea leaving me blind in that eye. I hoped that my eye would repair itself- instead it got worse.

I also tripped over my computer cord and killed my computer around the 2nd. (I didn't see it with my eye out of commission.)

On Sept 23, I went in to see an eye surgeon. He said that my eye was swollen, torn in three spots, and that my retina was on the verge of detaching. They had to perform surgery that day to save my eye.
They repaired all three tears and put a buckle in. The surgery lasted 3 hours and I came out at 730 PM..

Because of the location of the trauma to my eye, I was forced to sleep in a chair all week while the gas in my eye helped it heal. I couldn't lay down. The pain was so intense, like a throbbing migraine, that I easily went through 4-6 Vicodin a day and often-that still wasn't enough. Vicodin makes me drowsy so all I've done this week was basically sleep in a chair and try to manage my pain.

Yesterday I ventured out to the grocery store. I really had no business driving. I went straight home. This morning I saw my doctor who said my eye looked great. Today (10/2) he informed me that it would be at least 4 weeks before my eye was functioning somewhat normally again. My pain has lessened to about 1/2 what it had been.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that the nurses and doctors took me in and saved my eye. I am a cash paying patient and this should leave me pretty much broke all year long. In many places, I don't know that they would have taken my case and thankfully- I live in an area with a little compassion. My boss has been pretty good too, but I'm not sure how long it will remain that way. He has a business to run.

I've been reading all day while I recover but the pain has been pretty steady and it's really hard for me to focus and see. This is the best I've felt in the last couple weeks so I just want you to know that the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I've been trying to keep up my football blog and I've been doing all right with that.

In the Valley of the Blind, the one eyed man is King.

I am going to try and get something new up by the end of the week. Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Glad they were able to save your sight. Good thoughts and prayers going out to you.


Irish said...

Jesus Brian.. and here I was thinking you got fed up with blogging.

Hang in there buddy! Hopefully you are on the mend.


Anonymous said...

You take care out there.

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling it was something bad-you'll be in my prayers dude.

PeterE said...

Phew. He's alive and kicking. He can't see exactly what he's kicking, but he's kicking. And driving. With 1 eye. That's a good way to undo the alive part.

Stay safe until i get there to buy you a beer.

Anonymous said...

Phew I was worried. I hope God send blessings your way! Take your time getting back to blogging. It has got to be heartwarming to know you are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Get better and dont worry about blogging. Please take care of yourself.

Dave 105

Anonymous said...


Eric Vipperman said...

Glad to hear your ok ...was worried something bad happened to you ...guess I was right. Glad to hear they were able to save your eyesight. Stay strong and keep on fighting the struggle

Brian said...

I want to thank all of you. The last 10 days has sucked I still have a gas bubble in my eye but today was the first day I haven't had to use any Vicodin.

Shit, of all the things I never worried about, my eyes were at the top of the list. I'll be 55 soon and I suppose I am going to have to get used to the idea that bad shit is going to start happening.

I still see the doctor every 6 months, I still get my bloodwork done so if another system starts to go bad- I can head it off at the pass.

I just want to say thanks. I've kinda let the blog go dead and I appreciate that you guys show up and leave a nice comment. It means a lot to an old, one eyed guy on the Boise Bench. Fucking tough year, I think I am gonna fly to my best friends hacienda on Kona soon.


Anonymous said...


How did the blood clot develop?

IF you know, I'm sure it would help the rest of us FRANKENSTEINERS.

Old age isn't for pussies.


Brian said...

I have what they call a Factor Five clotting disorder. It first showed up when I was 28. The longer I sit with my legs bent at 90 degrees plus the better my chances of developing a clot. I have probably had 20 superficial clots over the last 25 years. Most disappear in a few days, some linger for a couple of weeks. The one in July was one of the worst- lasted 2.5 weeks.

Superficial clots don't even make me call a doctor. A deep vein thrombosis is life threatening and will cause the affected leg to swell- and the hospital and heparin are in your immediate future.

I take a very large dose of coumadin daily- I try to limit the amt. of vitamin K that I eat (broccoli, kale, pumpkin seeds)- and I wear pressure stockings and put my legs up when I can. I was running 3m a day and hopefully when my eye heals I can get back to the gym.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the details.

I know little about this disorder-clotting, and don't know anyone who does.

Wish you the best with it.