Thursday, November 27, 2014

What Was Your Very Best Day?

Last Sunday, one of the NFL pre-game shows did a feature on a man who decided to write and ask people, "What was your very best day and why?"

I love the question and I have been mulling it over all week. My best day happened the day after my very worst day. It was Oct. 10, 2007. So I thought I'd share it- I have before.

Midway through  2007, my life had become a mess. I had just put the ink on my divorce, submitted my resignation or "retired", and I was having serious medical issues. I was angry, confused, and drinking way too much. I was depressed. I had managed to piss off what few friends I had left. I had nobody. I had never felt loneliness like that. The following day was Oct. 10. I woke up with one of those headaches where you can feel your own pulse as it throbs in the back of your head.

Pissed off and depressed is no way to live your life.

I remember thinking that I had spent a lifetime solving everyone else's problems and I knew nobody was gonna come and rescue me. I had the top down on my car and I was driving 90 MPH or so towards Vegas when it struck me. It was obvious. I had always been the problem. I also realized then- that I did not have any sort of spiritual solution or way to fix my life. I needed repairs. At that moment, I became humble and teachable. I did a lot of emotional work and resolved a lot of issues during the following two years. I built a pretty good foundation. Today I don't quantify the successes in my life by how much money I make, what kind of job I have, or how busy I can keep myself. I don't use those old yardsticks. I haven't had 10 bad days in 7 years.

October 10, 2007 was my very best day although it didn't start off with much promise- and it would take me years to realize the significance of that day.

What was your very best day and why? I'd absolutely love to hear that. That is the stuff that interests me.

So if you feel so inclined and have a few extra minutes (You can always use the anonymous feature if you'd like) I'd love to read what your best day was. I hope you'll share it with us.

Happy Thanksgiving!!



Falcon said...

That's an easy question--When my wife came down the escalators at the airport from Pittsburgh. She came to NC to try deep sea fishing at the outer banks. I had bought her a deep sea fishing rig complete with an engagement ring and rose were the hook was. I just stood there dangling it in front of her. The rest is history--corny but still that was the best day in my life.

Frankenstein Government said...

That was an excellent day Falcon. Pretty cool. Thank you for sharing that.


Compleat Patriot said...

“What is truth?”---Pontius Pilate

“Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”---Yeshua, the real Christ, not the long haired guy signing the COSMOS HORUS SUN behind his head false Christ the “Coercive Church" uses to fool it's flock with..

The truth is Yeshua the real Christ was a king of a government and though His kingdom was not a part of the “world” of Pontius Pilate and Rome, it was here at hand. Yeshua did not preach some Sunday go to meeting Church. He preached and appointed a kingdom. The early Church provided the entire social welfare for a society that not only believed in Yeshua the real Christ but also in doing and living His way of love and mutual service. The Real Church of Yeshua, his Kingdom was a government but it was not coercive in the performance of its responsibilities of caring and providing the charitable social welfare needs of the people. Such as forcing taxation of any kind upon His society unlike this miraculously arisen from the dead Roman society we see today that many people are dissatisfied with, and justly so.

Rome, Herod, and the Pharisees, including many of the other governments surrounding the Mediterranean, had extensive social welfare systems. Roman free bread and circuses spread to Judea, and Augustus was loved for his benefaction by many of its citizens. Same model of coercive taxation in use today. In short, Yeshua is looking for free will offerings from the heart. Rome intends to force all to do the right thing.

The best day of my life was when I finally grasped the difference between Yeshua's prescription of free will offerings, and Rome's anti Yeshua coerciveness. The Kingdom of Yeshua was a system of faith which required hope and charity in love, not force.

Is there a lawful exemption from modern day force recognized by our modern day Pontius Pilates in these various jurisdictional districts? Absolutely. Can the blind see the relief they seek? No.

But, when a blind man finally sees the true light in this world of darkness, He will then enjoy his next best day in his entire life here in this war of the worlds… Those are joyous days a truth seeker never forgets, when his lost brother returns home...