Sunday, November 23, 2014

Anyone Want To Trade Places With Bill Cosby?- The Sunday Collage

In the law enforcement world, it is often said that rape is the most under reported serious crime. Oddly, rape also happens to be one of the most "over reported" false accusations. Sorting those two things out can cost you a career. I know that to be true.

In a moment, I'm going to tell you a bizarre tale.

Yesterday, I heard a couple lamenting about the woes of Bill Cosby while eating breakfast in the booth next to mine. They were talking about the 16 or so current rape allegations now leveled against Bill Cosby. Bill it seems, likes to dispense with the frivolities of monogamy, courtship, dating, and sexual consent- choosing instead to have sex with unconscious women. The man and woman eating next to me, a couple about my age, probably grew up as I did- thinking that Bill Cosby was the perfect American success story. A role model and a hero. In fact, I heard the gal in the booth say, "the whole thing just makes me sick to my stomach, I feel sorry for his wife."

How Cosby was able to keep this a secret for so long does not really surprise me. Cosby has always played the part of a funny, level headed, child loving man. He has been harsh on the free shit army, many of them black, on more than one occasion. So he gained traction with a lot of hard working folks. The "Cosby Show" was a wildly popular sitcom that ran for 8 years. Cosby was so well respected and credible that anyone coming forward with a rape allegation against him would have been ridiculed and scorned unmercifully- while Bill would have escaped unscathed. That's just a sad fact. So one of the rape victims asks, "Why didn't anyone believe me? Well because it was Bill Cosby- American icon and legend, that's why.

So at least 16 women and probably many more, kept their mouths shut for decades. Even now, Bill Cosby's wife Camille said she is standing with her husband.

What are the chances Bill Cosby is innocent? I'd say slim and none. In fact, there is simply no way of defending yourself against that many accusers. At some point, and that point usually involves several victims- there is an exchange of information and a similar modus operandi begins to emerge. Remember these victims span great time and distances. They did not know each other or collaborate. Cosby's m.o. it seems, is one where he likes to drug his victims. That probably helped keep all of this quiet.

The only thing he's got going for him, the only path of plausible deniability- is the fact that none of the women apparently submitted themselves for examination and evidence collection. No blue dresses. For now, it just buys him a little extra time. Cosby's fate is sealed. His will be the same outcome as Jerry Sandusky with all of his victims who also were unknown to each other for a very long time.  Maybe a cop somewhere will actually try to put together a case.

Catholic priests, coaches, teachers, Tiger Woods, Bill Cosby. Role models. Credible people.

So what's the common denominator? People fail. People have been screwing up and failing since Adam and Eve- and Cain and Abel. You'd think we would have figured it out by now and a lot of it has to do with sex.

People have risked their lives, careers, families, and reputations over sex. Deviant sex. Sex with boys, underage girls, rape scenarios, fetishes, multiple partners, hookers, bondage, it's all pretty insane when you stop to think about it. Will Cosby go to prison? That's an interesting question and it really depends on the statute of limitations or whether he has committed rapes more recently. My guess is- is that he probably has.
And how do you come clean? It's pretty hard to throw yourself under the bus and tell the world you are a celebrity rapist.

I've had my share of odd ball rape reports and sex crimes. I pulled this one from my memory banks because it was pretty wild and worth telling here.

Many years ago, I had a young gal (16 yrs) report that she had been raped. She devised this giant fib, wherein she stated she was kidnapped by three men and raped in the back of a pickup truck and thrown out into a muddy field. The whole story came apart when none of the allegations were confirmed by facts because police try to collect evidence. There was no evidence to collect. No tire tracks in the mud, no mud on her, no witnesses, no evidence in the sex crimes collection we performed. No nothing. Eventually her story came apart and she confessed that she had made it all up. Here's the weird part. She told me that she just wanted to see if her father cared about her. I thought that was very sad. I actually cried a little in the patrol car that night as I listened to her. I just let the whole matter drop.

I wished that I could tell you that I was some fantastic, insightful shrink and a genius- but alas I am not. I wished I would have known then what I know now.

Four or five years later, this girl's mother came forward to tell me that her daughter had been raped repeatedly by her uncle and that this had been going on for several years- during the time of the previous rape allegation. Wow. That sent my brain reeling. She was a juvenile and that meant that anything that he did sexually with her was a felony. Gawd knows how many counts. I found the uncle, a man I had personally known for many years, and I arranged an interview. He had moved to a place about 70 miles away from the city I worked in. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to meet this man at his place. I took a squad car with no other back up to his rural farm. Soon after my arrival at his place, not only did the uncle confess to his crimes with his niece but he did so in stunning detail- insisting on telling me all of this in front of his wife. His wife's reaction was roughly equivalent to an atomic bomb going off. She was screaming and absolutely outraged. I instantly realized that I, great brainiac that I am, had made a terrible mistake and I would be a liar if I didn't tell you- that I thought there was a decent chance I was going to have to shoot my way out of this place. I had arranged not to arrest the uncle (who I did not consider a flight risk) in exchange for his confession. Needless to say, I didn't stick around to get any of the lurid details on paper. I had tape and I fled. I think the uncle did 3-5 years for his crimes.

The problem for predators like Bill Cosby is that they don't ever think that they are going to get caught. They get away with their crimes for so long- that they begin to think they can deflect anything. What Cosby stands accused of is incredibly embarrassing and horrific and he knows it.

What Bill knows right now- is that it is his turn to walk the plank.

What I don't think he will do is tell the truth and confess. It would take a bigger set of balls than almost anyone possesses- to do that and suffer the criminal consequences not to mention the damage to his family and finances. Cosby is 77. Arranging some sort of civil compromise involving money seems possible except for those victims who will refuse it.

So the standoff will continue sans some tangible evidence arriving. Who knows what is out there lurking for Bill? I found this today, a friend of Cosby's snitching him off.

Personally I don't know how guys like Cosby sleep at night. I'll tell you this much. No matter how bad your life gets- it can't get any worse than Bill Cosby's life. Somewhere out there, you just know Tiger Woods is breathing a sigh of relief and saying, "Thank God I'm not Bill Cosby."

Me too.


Compleat Patriot said...

Yeah he might be a celebrity rapist, he just might be. And then again he might be a used up celebrity being used for an elaborate well thought out distraction by very nefarious geniuses that control the entertainment industry who are suspected of assassinating many of their celebrities they have no use for any longer. This is definitely a case of character assassination, deserved or not remains to be discovered. The problem is under estimating the extremely powerful people involved in this industry quite capable of waving their magicians wands and creating such an elaborate convincing case and setting it in motion. I wonder if Cosby is a celebrity rapist, a guy that can have all the free pussy he wants whenever he wants, or did he piss someone off upstairs. Because like all of us they have a pecking order, and not only that they defend one another to the death unless one of them becomes an outcast for some reason we never hear of. I know what it's like to be falsely accused and I'm here to tell you it sucks. It's quite possible this business involves some big investments in trading or real-estate or royalties behind the scenes involving various parties who need this guy out of the way. I listened to Randy Quaid speaking on celebrities being targeted by industry insiders after their wealth, accidental death, even false charges against their characters. Knowing who these people must deal with to become so successful in this business I'm going to have withhold judgment here. These celebrities are not free agents my friend.

Frankenstein Government said...

I kinda get where you are going there Greg...but I'm just not seeing it. I just think it would be too hard to incentivize all of these women to collaboratively come forward. That's not to say industry insiders haven't assassinated a career or two. I'm sure they have.


Compleat Patriot said...

Well maybe. I searched around a little and I see him denying these actions yet asking for mercy with his hands using the prince of mercy message.. As for your title, I would not trade places with any of them, not Bill, Not Pitt, not Willis, not a single one of them for all the fame money sex none of it nothing. Because I know who they swore allegiance to for their positions in this world. Bill included. What I'm wondering is what he did for them to turn him out.

Anonymous said...

You know these celebrities believe that they are bullet proof. I also thought that Cosby was
a solid guy. The problem for actors and athletes is that they are reinforced with positive
adulation that empowers them to being above it all. Brian you hit the nail on the head about
doing these heinous acts and "getting away with it for so long". There is the yin & the yang and
you can disrupt this balance for only so long. When at the grocery store waiting in the check out
line, the tabloids hyper expose all the celebs dirty laundry. When I finally get to the cashier I
think to myself how lucky it is to be me.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it strike you as odd that all these women have waiting this long to speak up? Just sayin'. Brian