Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Story Of Butte America

Kickstarter project clip, 4 minutes long. 10 views when posted.


Compleat Patriot said...

Interesting. As I watched this trailer all of the corruption that took place behind the scenes of the blood sweat and tears of the "progress" made by the cannon fodder - man power involved kept rattling around in the back of my mind. Where some men made it big while others were used up and tossed away. How many millions or billions came out of those holes which padded the pockets of men, or a man that could never have made it without all of the men willing to go down into those holes and endure that hell for what? a dollar a day?.. I believe every miner could have walked away from this a wealthy man while at the same time the big company would still have come out way ahead of the game with quite a handsome share of wealth itself. The problem is we all cut our own throats fighting over the crumbs because we let the wrong people set the value of others risking their lives while in the service of making them Kings. Everything man makes breaks, this Empire of Death and corruption is no exception to that rule. When I look through the pages of history at the broken walls of Empires past I wonder at the foolish pride of men. Especially of those men used up by it.

Brian said...

Excellent points. The miners made 3 bucks a day. Those were 12 hour days with no overtime. I have gotten in several arguments with people over the years that stated those were very good wages at the time compared to other occupations. perhaps. But there were no benefits- no overtime- and you got to risk your life working 72 hours a week and making 18 dollars.

On the other hand- the three copper kings were making as much as 13 million per month- as the price of copper was rapidly rising. The Anaconda Company- perhaps the most corrupt company ever- headed by Percy Rockefeller cut wages from 3.50 to 3.00 while the copper price was booming. They also loved to pump and dump their stock and made millions swindling investors. Miners began to unionize. The company retaliated with rustling cards- a black ball method of outing union sympathizers.

The Anaconda company killed anywhere from 2500 to 3000 miners including the 168 who died in the Granite Mt./Speculator Mine disaster. The history of Butte is the history of American greed, money, scandal, power, and environmental rape. I never get tired of Butte. The Museum City.