Saturday, October 26, 2013

He Who Panics First, Often Panics Best- The Sunday Collage

It's really been a bizarre year.

Everywhere you look, things are crumbling. Taxes and inflation are rising, wages are going down. Obamacare is every bit the disaster many of us thought it would be and getting worse by the day. Half a million people have lost their current insurance.

I think what really pisses off most Americans are the lies. This administration is willing to hide, obstruct, and lie about virtually everything of importance. Government officials like Eric Holder and Kathleen Sebelius routinely thumb their noses at the American people. The ice queen, Hillary Clinton, is readying herself for another run and gaining mob support. The media is of no help- it serves no watchdog function. In fact, those watchdog days are over. The media is owned by the corporate oligarchy. The oligarchy writes checks for protection.

In the meantime, the mob is growing. It is angry and it is composed of snot nosed liberals and welfare gathering minorities.
They see nothing wrong with appropriating your wealth and giving it to themselves. And you know what really pisses me off? They don't say thank you, or "sorry", or anything else- they say tough shit in the most brazen, shameless way. Go read the ignorant and vitriolic comments on Huffington Post. That's the way it is.

In a country where the mob's leaders tossed the rule of law out on it's ear, the mob has the advantage.

Many of us are angry. In fact, the more you know- the worse it gets. If you are a regular reader of this blog- then you know the difference. You know what QE and a fraudulent economy look like, you know the FED is nothing but a private banking cartel enriching it's owners, and you know that when we were pledging allegiance to our flag and watching Walter Cronkite count the Vietnam dead- Barack Obama was living in Indonesia attending a Muslim school. We have no common, shared history.

These are not opinions.

The problem with a mob government is that it does what it wants. It spies on it's people, it seizes your work product, it ignores laws which are inconvenient, it coerces and oppresses you.

Six years ago, I developed some internal methods for dealing with all of this insanity. Your emotional health must always come first.

I have never found a definition for spirituality that I thought was precise. In fact- even wikipedia has a hard time defining it. (The term spirituality lacks a definitive definition)

I define spirituality as acceptance and  understanding.  

I have accepted the fact that our country no longer adheres to a rule of law. It does what is convenient. We have no ethical or moral leaders. We have "what can we get away with?" leadership.

I accept this unflinchingly. I also understand that the vast majority of people in this country- well over 90%- are completely unaware of history. They have no understanding of the genius that conceived this country. They are simply concerned with the same superficial and self centered micro view that their political leaders are. This is the mob. This is how it thinks and reacts. There is never any thought of the minority because the minority is the enemy.  The vanquished. The losers.

When you realize you are on the losing, minority side and that the mob is going to try and take everything it can from you- you can no longer negotiate. You have no power. You have to accept the fate that they give you- or you must leave. That's really all you can do short of risking a prison sentence or dying some untimely death.

Thousands of people are going to leave the United States this year. These are people who can no longer accept what the United States has become- a tyranny which coerces compliance with the threat of a prison sentence. These are people that know that if your government is willing to do that, it most likely won't get better any time soon. They get out before it gets worse. They see a developing trend.

Very often, the people who panic first, panic best.


Anonymous said...

Among the many good points you have made is one I myself have been saying for years, that point being the ingratitude of the welfare parasites who sit on their fat lazy asses, who contribute nothing but consume everything, and who don't express one word of thanks for me being their personal fucking slave. On the contrary, they bitch and they moan and they howl if ever anyone suggests they make an effort to improve their lot in life, and if anyone dares to go further by suggesting their benefits be trimmed by even the smallest of margins and points out that their "lifestyle" is ultimately destructive, especially to themselves, then all Hell breaks loose. That is what is called an entitlement mentality and it is destroying America (which would suit some fine, I'm sure, since they can then reshape America into whatever form they....not you and me.....they, see fit).

So what to do? I cultivate my own garden, meaning I do what's right for me but without fucking others along the way in order to achieve my goal. I accept into my life that which pleases me, I reject that which displeases me. I try to speak well (or not at all), I take nothing personally (since others are operating according to their own program and will do whatever they're going to do, irrespective of whether I'm there or not) and I try my best. And I don't vote (I refuse to surrender to another man the power to control my life whichever way they see fit; no thanks, I'll control my own life, you parasitical sociopath).

Good write-up, Brian. I too am looking at spreading my wings and flying the fuck away from a national nightmare which is only getting worse as time progresses. There are too many who are happy with or blind to the status quo, and my life is too short to try and open their eyes to what's happening around them (that is, I'm weary of being labelled a fringe lunatic). I'll tend to my own garden.

"The best way to kill a man is to give him money to do nothing."
(author unknown)

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

An excelllent post, Brian! I think retired people should give serious cosideration to leaving the country. Even in the socialist ceesspool I live in, the dollar goes a long way. There are very large communities of North Americans living in Costa Rica, Panama, and Mexico (Gusdalajara for example); as well as, places like the Domenican Republic. My friend, Matt Ross, recently did a piece on how people can go Galt and starve the beast without leaving the country or without breaking any laws.

I'm sure with some thought we could add to his list of things people can to starve the beast.

Anonymous said...

Brian said...

Excellent, thank you for stopping by...I appreciate it.

Brian said...

I shall check that out, thanks Jim.

Brian said...

I read that piece. Excellent. I have been saying the same thing here but not nearly in the detail that Mr. Quinn does. Thanks for the link