Thursday, May 30, 2013

Where Was Obama While Our Men Fought For Their Lives in Benghazi?

Nobody knows. Obama has never answered the question.

Your government is in non compliance with subpoenas regarding Benghazi. Apparently they are above the law- that's the same law you are required to obey. From Hot Air.

Here's Charles Krauthammer's take, only one minute. Fascinating.


Anonymous said...

Krauthammer is right. We deserve an explanation from our Commander in Chief about his activities during those eight hours. There is also the question of what Panetta and Dempsy did or more precisely what they didn't do. Obama claims and both Panettta and Dempsy verify that they were told by the President at %:00 to do whatever was needed to protect our people.They disobeyed that "order". They did nothing! Why weren't they fired immediately the next morning?

Anonymous said...

Laws are for little people.

Anonymous said...

OH Lordie, if that had been Bush.

I think I saw floating around the inter tubes today that Rush remarked that our Fearless Leader was doing a bit of blow. Entirely plausible to me.