Thursday, May 30, 2013

Obama Met Privately With the IRS...157 Times!!

This is a sick, twisted man who used the I.R.S. to attack his "enemies."

Meeting privately with the head of the I.R.S. 157 times- goes well beyond that point with which there is some reasonable shadow of a doubt.

Of course the man himself never offers an explanation- that would be too easy. He pleads the fifth every time a scandal breaks. "I heard it on the news like everyone else." Remember that grand piece of bullshit? This man who met with the I.R.S. 157 times.

Obama was obsessed with punishing his enemies- that is clear. He should be held accountable for this abuse of power... but my expectations are quite low coming from this government that is as morally bankrupt as it's leader is.

Remember Gibson Guitar and the chicken shit charges leveled against it by the government? I do.

As is the usual custom of this President, Mr. Transparency is not available for comment.


Anonymous said...

A refresher (3 min):

Hacksaw said...

He WON"T be held accountable because there is no one that has the cajones to do the RIGHT thing!! He has them into thinking he's some bad ass or something.That, or they are just as bad as he is and I believe a little of both. I was taught that NO one was above the law,..........apparently not.