Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How About Some Goonga Lagonga?

I had some level of consciousness going for me- even back then.

Sometime, in my previous Chief life, one of our nation's owners flew the Dalai Llama to Moonbat Valley. After attempting to ply the Dalai Llama with various types of booze at elite cocktail parties, the elite of Moonbat Valley allowed him to speak to us little people.

The Sheriff of Moonbat Valley took extraordinary security measures because ya know, the Dalai Llama   with his message of universal love and consciousness- makes him a highly sought after target of many with nothing but assassination on their minds.

You ever look back on your life and say, "Did I dream that?" and then on further reflection, say "no, that foolishness actually happened." Now that I think about it, I am surprised that they didn't have a wine auction.


Dave said...

Ha Ha... I remember that debacle. That will go down as one of the most awe inspiring speeches I have ever heard! "Compassion.... Compassion". How original. I've heard better at my high school graduation. Not to denigrate Mr. Lama, who I'm sure is a truly compassionate soul. That day was rather anti-climactic, to say the least.

My buddy, who was the head football coach at Moonbat Valley High School that day, and who had just come from a championship football season from a school in the Boise area, was told that he could not practice football on the field for a week due to security measures and Mr. Lama's speech. He was told to cancel practice. Right then my buddy knew his football coaching career was finished. No compassion for him!! Another losing season for Moonbat Valley. But that's ok, winning is over rated, what really counts is everyone gets to play and participate.

Brian said...

How about "love your family." That shit was unheard of.

Yea, I was pretty under whelmed by the great dalai lama although he seemed nice enough. The funniest part was watching the Sheriff parade around like he was gearing up for the Olympics in Israel.

Somehow, all of that insanity seems so far away.