Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Screw Michael Bloomberg*With Kinder, Softer Edit

* Ok, I got an email. Maybe dropping the F bomb on Bloomberg was harsh.

For the record, I don't like:

1. Liberals
2. Elite snobs
3. Ego maniacs
4. Usurpers
5. Ivy league bankers living with former NY Banking Superintendents. 
6. Anybody telling me what is good for me or chipping away at my right to own guns or drink soda.

That just about covers you doesn't it, Mike?

What is the difference between nutjobs without money and nutjobs with money? Answer- money.

There are days when I should just not get on the computer or watch the news at all. Today was one of them. I am so sick and tired of hearing the names of these rich bastards, OUR OWNERS, telling us how to live our shitty little lives, I could scream.

Take a look at Bloomberg's picture. The guy even looks like a prick. (15 second ad) http://www.businessinsider.com/bloomberg-re-interprate-constitution-2013-4

Imagine the arrogance of a man, who would take the greatest document ever conceived by some of the most intelligent historians to ever set foot on the planet, and tell them- it's just not working. Of course not Mike- you like every other rich prick on the planet think you are an authority on everything. Those founding fathers were idiots but thankfully- we have you to guide us. 

On the Constitution...

It ain't working Bloomberg because assholes like you keep chipping away at it. It worked fine up until the point we quit enforcing our borders. It worked fine when we enforced the rule of law in this country rather than letting politicians like you steal from citizens and deliver it to thieving bankers. It worked fine when government stayed the fuck out of our lives. The more control they get- the worse it gets and I defy anybody, ANYBODY anywhere to prove differently.

Protect the Constitution. Everything else would be fine. Yea, it is that simple. It always was.

Someday Michael, perhaps whatever God you worship, shall give you a recall notice. The world will not quit turning, NY will find another narcissist, liberal statist to be Mayor, and life will go on. Hard to imagine huh? 

I can't wait for this period in American history to get over. They will surely call it the Age of Egomania.


Anonymous said...

You're right, Brian. He does look like a supercilious, sanctimonious prick. Hey, Bloomberg, you're a supercilious, sanctimonious prick, and I use the word prick as a pejorative, not a compliment. Prick.

Anonymous said...

Brian I know this is off topic but wanted to share with you. Too much hype if you catch my drift. Shortage what shortage? http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/2013/04/us-mint-runs-out-of-smallest-american.html

Oh I almost forgot, Fuck Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Brian I can probably add a host of names to the list.. Fuck them all and leave us the fuck alone.

Anonymous said...

Time to return Manhattan to the indians and get our beads back.

Jim at Asylum Watch