Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Boeing Engineer Strike: Heard of It?*Updated

No, of course you haven't. *The latest.

All I've been reading this week is "Boeing Dreamliner" bad news.

The reason you haven't heard anything about the Boeing strike is simple. The crony capitalists at Boeing, along with our "everything is wonderful" government regime and state owned media- don't want you to hear about it. Why not?

Because Boeing has huge problems with the grounded Dreamliners at the same time it has labor problems. Boeing has big time ties with this administration. Boeing is the face of American success- real or imagined.

The engineers at Boeing have already lost a couple hundred bucks worth of salary each month due to tax hikes. Now Boeing wants to cut their salary. Engineers have had enough. I am attaching the only weak ass story I could find.

I have direct ties to this story. So now I am hearing that Boeing is asking for talks to be tabled for 4 years and in lieu of any raise- Boeing is offering to pay medical insurance for employees instead and hoping not to tarnish their image too badly in light of the Dreamliner's problems.

Who is going to place an order now for that grounded plane? How long will new Boeing flagship be on the ground. It's anyone's guess. So there's that and a dearth of information about the strike. Boeing clearly doesn't want a double whammy. It might affect their stock price.

Unfortunately, nobody from the engineers union has spoken publicly nor can I find the published demands of the union. It's not like our media cares- their job is clearly to suppress the inconvenient stories until such time as the competition begins noting them.

So here is the union website if you are interested. I am going to sift through it when I get a chance but the rest of this day is spoken for.

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