Monday, December 17, 2012

When God Needs a Hit Man, He Calls America*Updated

Patriot or nationalist. Take a stand for what's right or pollyanna up. These are the choices we make when we decide what kind of people we are going to be.

I was moved by President Obama tonight. Not only was he able to hijack another tragedy to steal some limelight ala the Osama Bin Laden murder- but in Newtown, Obama declared that, "We can't tolerate this anymore."

Now for those of you confused by my Osama Bin Laden reference- let me make this perfectly clear. We murdered Bin Laden. We broke into his house and killed him in cold blood. There was no trial, no due process. Hell we even had to trespass across a border or two. Please don't get me wrong, all of that's fine. Bin Laden probably deserved murdering. In fact if anyone deserved murdering, Bin Laden certainly flowed to the front of that line. Besides, this is war. People get killed in war.

We are always killing somebody because after all it is our manifest destiny. If God had fallen on the side of the Anerican Indian, maybe we'd all be dead or on the reservation instead.

So clearly, God's on our side.

When God needs somebody killed, he calls America. Because we know who deserves to die. Operation Cyclone or Charlie's Wilson's War... armed Bin Laden.'s_War
Bin Laden having whipped Russia's ass in Afghanistan- felt emboldened enough to tackle us.

I find the hypocrisy almost deafening. Obama is in Newtown talking about 26 deaths. Yet Obama apparently has no problem dropping bombs from drones on innocent Pakistani children. Oh sure, we get a few innocents and children...but that is God's way.*Please see chart below.

You simply can't run around the world, picking fights, starting wars, and killing people and then tell folks you don't believe in killing. Clearly Obama believes in killing- so maybe it's just the methods he opposes. Drone strikes 7000 miles away don't garner all the media attention or permit access as easily as an incident in Western Connecticut.

*Update. A soldier with a conscience.

Maybe you want to use Newtown to disarm the responsible people.

If you're gonna claim the high ground all for yourself, you gotta have some credibility. A track record of believability. You better be pounding your fist on that Presidential podium telling us that it's not ok to kill innocent people via drone strikes. Maybe even stop drone strikes.

You want to end all wars permanently? Pass a law that prevents all people from entering the military except kids from the Ivy League and the sons and daughters of people with wealth in excess of 500k. Suddenly and inexplicably, nobody would find a reason to send troops to the middle east. Wars would be over when the elite would be subject to them. That ain't a theory- that's a fact. Without a disposable class, wars would be deemed "barbaric."

So I think Obama is full of shit. In fact, I think not only will he tolerate killing- he will probably do some more.

Maybe the rules don't apply to Obama. Maybe while he was out on his apology tour for everyone else's actions- it didn't dawn on him that maybe he owes a few apologies as well. Perhaps what he does is beyond reproach. It is the rest of us that he is worried about. That's how it's been in this country for a lot longer than I care to remember. The leaderless group exercise continues. Apparently when God needs someone killed, he calls on us.

One more thank you to zerohedge.

YearNumber of
Number Killed

2) US Drone Strike statistic based on research by a team of journalists of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism:[3][18]
(As of October 24, 2012)
  • Total strikes: 350
  • Total reported killed: 2,586 – 3,375
  • Civilians reported killed: 472 – 885
  • Children reported killed: 176
  • Total reported injured: 1,252 – 1,401
  • Strikes under the Bush Administration: 52
  • Strikes under the Obama Administration: 298


Anonymous said...

We can claim that God is on our side, but more importantly, are we on God's side?

Anonymous said...

I know you have a grudge against icrap the same way I do, Brian, so here's a link with photos and a quote from Einstein that sums things up. Einstein was pretty sharp, it turns out.