Saturday, December 22, 2012

Boise St v. Washington Huskies*Updated

Recently, some men's magazine named Boise the number one city in America for men.

I'm not sure about that- but our football fans here are rabid. I cannot believe that on a recent trip to Reno I forgot to bet Washington.

For those of you who follow football closely as I do- Boise St opened up as 7.5 point favorites and promptly got bet down to 5. That's a huge move and it is exactly what I would have done.

Boise St has a good team but this is not the team of years gone by. This team has no offense. They lost at home to San Diego State. Washington on the other hand beat some seriously good and highly ranked opponents. Off the top of my head, that was Oregon St. and Stanford.

They threw one serious clunker with Washington St. They did beat San Diego St....which is the team that invaded the blue turf and won.

Take Washington plus 5. Worth a small money line bet too.

* Washington covered the spread in a two point loss.


Fredd said...


Boise State is always dangerous, I don't care who they play.

The Oregon Ducks found that out the hard way. And the Ducks have been a powerhouse as of late. Boise State doesn't seem to be easily impressed with resume's, however. If games were played on paper, it would be called Dungeons and Dragons.

I didn't make that last quote up, I heard it lately but don't recall who said it. And full disclosure here, I am a Duck alum.

conservativesonfire said...

Merry Christmas, Brian!

Your friend,