Saturday, December 8, 2012

Government Employees Continue To Sell Us Out

Today I was reading about how one of the architects and writers of Obamacare jumped ship to take a job within the industry that will benefit the most from the bill.

She is also one of the architects of the medicare prescription plan which benefitted who? The drug industry.

So after a lifetime of sucking taxpayer money out of the government trough, Liz Fowler landed a job at Johnson and Johnson for 1.5 million a year.

And you thought bribes came in envelopes.

Not to be outdone, Jim DeMint, tea party Senator and alleged great conservative from South Carolina, also announced he was jumping ship to take a job for a million a year. That job, which is a 550% pay increase over his current 174,000 dollar Senate salary will be to head up the great Heritage Foundation think tank.

(I used a Huffpo piece to see if they spun the story counter clockwise, they did a fair job actually)

The people of this country keep buying in to a government which is no longer representative of it's citizens. It has turned into an elite club of people who use influence to make profits for the private sector. They in turn are rewarded handsomely for their efforts- while you foot the bill and clean up the mess that they have left behind.

I keep telling people that it doesn't matter which side you cling to and who you vote for. It is one giant club of crony capitalists that have a found a personal conveyer belt and a way to enrich themselves. That's what this is really all about and the sooner our economic collapse happens...the better off we will all be.


Anonymous said...

Collapse, or at least a severe shrinkage in the size of government, is inevitable. Really, how long can any system endure when the point is reached where there are more parasites than prey? The only thing that amazes me is how long the system has endured and how warped it has become when it seems that everyone and his brother are trying to live off the same government which tries living off them. Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

30 blocks of HO HO HO

Anonymous said...

Isn't Heritage a libertarian think tank?

Brian said...

Pretty much. I don't think they like the word, "libertarian" I couldn't find it in any of their on line literature or statements.