Monday, November 26, 2012

The Mystery of Moonbat Valley Revealed

Sometimes, you can't go back.

I had a reader ask me in the comment section to explain my references to Moonbat Valley  So I thought I would take this opportunity to explain what Moonbat Valley is and why I use Moonbat Valley as my geographical antagonist. First the term moonbat, a term which describes liberals.

Idaho as you know- is the "reddest" of the red states. We are still heavily governed by conservative forces, chiefly agricultural concerns and mormons. Except for one county. The liberal outpost. Blaine County. Blaine County has a river running through it. The Wood River. In Idaho, the cities of Bellevue, Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun Valley are locally referred to as the Wood River Valley. It is the Wood River Valley that I am referring to when I mention Moonbat Valley.

When I was a small child we would travel to Sun Valley from Montana. Little did I know that I would spend my entire career there.

What makes the Sun Valley/Ketchum/Hailey area unique is that not only was it the nation's first giant destination ski resort but local marketing forces sought out and attracted the nation's most wealthy and elite. World class writers like Hemingway and actors like Clark Gable and Errol Flynn came here originally. Hollywood made a movie called Sun Valley Serenade here. All that movie was- was one giant advertisement for the resort. The film industry came here in droves- see link.,_Idaho As a result of all of those marketing efforts- the most famous and elite names in American society are here. It became a beautiful playground.

Today, world class billionaires like Earl Holding (owns the resort) Warren Buffett (George Allen and Company) visit here frequently. Mariner and now, Spencer Eccles own property here.

Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Schriver are here. Maybe a hundred actors like Jamie Lee Curtis, Pamela Sue Martin, Batman, Adam West and the Green Hornet, Van Williams. Carole King lives N of Moonbat Valley in Custer County. Professional sports team owners, athletes like Picabo Street and Mats Wilander. Steve Wynn is here. Old money is here. The DuPont family. The heirs to John Deere, Pizza Hut, Sizzler, Strohs beer, the Chicago Wrigleys, Teresa Heinz, John Kerry, Kiril Sokoloff. Clint Eastwood used to live here- a rare conservative who fled. There are literally hundreds of corporate trust funders and spoiled brats running around. Without a doubt, there are more rich people per capita in the Wood River Valley than anywhere else in the U.S. I'd bet on it- but it would be difficult to prove. The California influence is tremendous.

Former astronauts reside in Moonbat Valley. The owners of Seattle Slew live in Sun Valley. Walter Annenberg came here too. His parents published the Daily Racing Form which still survives and which- yours truly- still uses.

Now a normal person might think, gosh with all that money, you'd think those people would be conservative. That's where logic and I parted company many, many years ago. The rich and elite are well educated. They buy in to the anti-establishment, anti-conservative thesis offered up on every college campus in America. This place is home to the west's environmentalist movement (Jon Marvel) one of the main ouposts for the disastrous re-introduction of wolves. (Jim Dutcher)  It is an outdoor recreation paradise and everybody wants to keep it that way.

The place is ruled by the rich and the wanna be rich. When the rich wanted the local hospital to be built in Ketchum away from the population base in Hailey- they simply donated land and millions to have it built next to them. When the rich wanted a YMCA to use as a daycare- they hijacked the project and situated it once again- 13 miles away from the population base in Hailey and put it in Ketchum for their convenience.

Liberals, environmentalists, atheists, well educated entrepreneurs, skiiers, investors. They worship the rich here. The place is so decidedly liberal that it rivals San Francisco on a much smaller scale of course. In fact, I don't even know one local politician in any city that would actually claim to be Republican. Maybe in Bellevue.

There is no balance in Moonbat Valley. No two party system. They hate conservatives and the GOP. They think that government is the answer to every thing. Helmet laws, seatbelt laws. Dog poop laws. Recycling laws. Obamacare. They don't ever mind spending someone else's money to regulate your conduct. That's where the oppressive part begins. These people ooze statism.

The other suffocating part of dwelling among the moonbats is that they lord over you. You have to agree with their politics, their opinions, and their beliefs. They want mob rule because they are the mob. If you utter a contrary belief- you are not entitled to do that usually. It is looked upon as being disrespectful. The elite want obedient workers. If you want to keep your job in Moonbat Valley among the elites- you better learn to kiss some ass. Kissing ass was never my strong suit. If you don't want to kiss ass, you gotta get right with the consequences. I've suffered some consequences in my life. Now, since I essentially write my own checks, I get to exercise some free speech without a moonbat lynch mob following me around.

Liberals censure free speech- it has to fit their politically correct standards and it must be pre- approved.

I left Moonbat Valley a little over 5 years ago. I miss my friends and the mountains. Moonbat Valley has become a sort of recreational concentration camp for the liberal elite and I suppose like Mt. Rushmore- once you've been there- there's no point in going back.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining the term, Moonbat Valley, and please accept my apologies for putting you through the ordeal. I didn't intend to dredge up any bad memories since what you describe is something between a house of horrors and a freak show. Man, how I despise liberalism. It proclaims tolerance, inclusiveness and concern for the individual, when the truth is the exact opposite. Liberals have an opinion about everything and they're always right, being the sophisticated and enlightened souls they are whom the rest of us, if we had any sense, must worship as gods and goddesses. No, I think not. As far as I'm concerned, they can (all of them) perform upon themselves an anatomical sexual impossibility (being the oh-so clever bunch they are, I'm sure they can figure out for themselves the meaning of that statement).

Moonbat Valley. Ugh.

conservativesonfire said...

Do you happen to know Santa Fe, New Mexico, Brian. Very much a Moonbat Valley, too. A lot of rich elites from back East, Hollywood types, and autors and bug time artist. I bet you would find it just like Sun Valley.

Brian said...

Odd that you say that. I was just in Santa Fe...but only overnight...last month. Was thinking that Taos might even be worse. New Mexico is one of those forever lib states and now that I think about the hell did Gary Johnson get elected there twice?

Brian said...

I have had a few readers ask me about Moonbat Valley. Your comment nails exactly what it was like.

The liberals pretend to be open minded, tolerant, when in fact they are exactly the opposite. They hate the GOP, they hate religion, they hate right to life, they hate firearms and they hate free speech. They tolerate it- only because they currently have no choice in the matter.
Rich liberals are even worse. Not only do they think they have the best education, but money validates the idea that they are superior and you are inferior.

Thanks for stopping by.

Marcus said...

At the risk of flogging a dead horse, may I add just a couple of more points about liberals that burn me up? One is the notion of God (or universal intelligence). They hate religion and/or God because they cannot or will not believe that there are forces in the Universe greater than themselves (how conceited and arrogant is that?). In their own minds, they are God and they insist that everyone else worship them and follow their philosophies which are tantamount to societal suicide (nope, not this boy). Second is the concept of political correctness. If one accepts the notion, and I do, that there is an interdependence between words and thought, that each is dependent upon the other in order to survive, then political correctness is nothing more than an attempt to control thought by controlling speech. I don't know about other people, but I'll be damned if I'll be told by some conceited, Godless liberal prick how, when, where, why and what I should think. I'll think what I will and if they can't accept it, they'd best enroll themselves in one of their diversity classes and learn the true meaning of tolerance. And in keeping with the spirit of political correctness, I have a couple of words for liberals, and those words ain't Merry Christmas.

No problem stopping by, Brian, I've always been here. I'm just too lazy most of the time to sign in and usually post anonymously (besides, I don't want to look like a pig by hogging the comments section, even though I am a pig).