Friday, August 17, 2012

This Is What Happens When The Criminals Are in Charge

There is no doubt in my mind, none, that our President is a criminal. So the term "criminal" as I use it here- seems pretty broad. How do I define a criminal?

Criminality is a state of mind. It's how sociopaths and narcissists rationalize their actions as intelligent choices. They never consider whether their actions are ethical or moral. Instead the criminal mind is far simpler. It only asks, "what is legal and can I get away with this?" If the criminal can benefit from an action then doing what is right is not done for the betterment of society as a whole- doing what is right is reduced to what is in the criminal's best interests.

Time and time again you see Obama doing this. He does what is best for him. Fuck everyone else. But this dude takes it a little farther. He tries to convince you that he is doing things for your benefit and not his own. This is what makes him especially dangerous and cagey. Because there is still a significant portion of people that believe this dude is genuinely a nice guy.

Like that crack dealer friend that gives you some free introductory crack because he likes you. Then he reaps the rewards of your addiction for years. You become a money stream. He doesn't care that you sell all of your furniture or pimp your girlfriend because he easily rationalizes that you are the addict- that you need to take responsibility for your problem.

Drug dealers are never bothered by what is morally or ethically correct. They scoff at that. They are only interested in what is legal, the consequences, and if caught- how can I escape?

That is how our President thinks. It's not what he says- it's what he does. Obama sold voters a ridiculous notion that he could make things better- while taking hundreds of millions in campaign contributions from bankers. Lo and behold the bankers all got a get out of jail free card.

Obama's chief campaign bundler and personal friend, banker Jon Corzine, stole more than 1 billion in customer accounts and he is going to walk "scott free." This is what happens when the criminals are in charge.

What was morally and ethically correct? He doesn't care about that. Could Obama legally get away with refusing to prosecute bankers? Sure. That was the only bar he was trying to jump over. And in early 2009, he told the citizenry..."We are going to look ahead rather than dwell in the past" or words very similar...words weighed carefully by teleprompters to weave a piece of imagery.

Imagery meant to convey that I am wise, trust me, I am doing what is in the best interests of our country. That is the sneaky criminal part of this man. He made a promise to the bankers who financed his life and his campaign. That is the only promise Obama kept. When this dude gets bounced out of office- I fully expect him to pardon hundreds of wealthy crooks- because this guy just doesn't give a shit about doing the right thing. He doesn't even know what that is.

Jimmy Carter was ineffective- but he was no crook. Obama is in a class by himself.

And to this day, the chief executive has remained loyal to the bankers. Best read of the week, by my favorite writer, Matt Taibbi. Thanks to Dave at the Golden Truth.

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