Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fish With Fondness For *Scroti, Found in Illinois Lake

You cannot make this shit up.

So I am perusing the intarwebs this a.m. trying to find something that interests me. Then I clicked on this story about the Pacu. A fish that will eat your testicles. 


Just look at those teeth. That is a government fish. I am surprised the fish doesn't have a gold crown or two. I'll tell ya this. Illinois doesn't have one thing that I need to wade in the water for.

This might be the greatest contradictory statement I have ever read. While a Pacu poses no real threat to humans, Metro.co.uk reported two local men died in the river, after their testicles were eaten by a pacu fish.

Pacu are no threat unless of course they rip your balls off and kill you. That can be sort of a downer when you are out fishing with the kids.

Read the last line. That's one big river, the Amazon. Winding it's way all over the world.

Like I said. You cannot make this shit up.

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Anonymous said...

"Piranha have pointed, razor-sharp teeth while the pacu have squarer, straighter teeth. They are usually found in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins in Africa."

Uh...the Amozon flows mostly in Brazil and the Orinoco is entirely in Venezuela. Piranha, by the way, are good eating.