Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Walker Wins, The Wisconsin Lesson

Each and every year for many years- I spent a week or two in Madison, Wisconsin. I like Wisconsin.

The state is full of liberals and moonbats. So as Governor Walker went about the nasty business of dismantling government labor unions (they should have never been allowed in the first place) he has been under attack. Getting rid of government run labor unions is absolutely essential for any hope of economic survival. Yesterday, Governor Walker won. That had to happen.

This scenario is coming to California. But Governor Brown is a pussy. Instead of dealing with the issue like a man, Brown will ignore it and hope that US taxpayers  will bail his state out. He ain't nothing like Walker. 

Liberals and moonbats love to spend other peoples' money on social programs. The takeaway here is that the cheap bastards and statists want to spend your money but never their own. When the statists are forced to pony up their fair share suddenly moonbats shape shift into conservatives.

That's the Wisconsin lesson. 

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