Friday, June 8, 2012

No Shortage of Idiots...Part Deux

I got two words for you. Rex. Nutting.

I was reading this article this morning when I smelled an agenda. It was the headline that caught my attention. I read the article and looked at the author again.

I remembered that name. So I clicked on my blog, "No Shortage of Idiots" and lo and behold who authored that pro-Obama piece... but one Rex Nutting.!/2012/05/no-shortage-of-idiots.html

In that piece with associated graph, Rex was trying to tell us how Obama was a miserly spender. He credited George Bush with all of that spending stimulus that occurred in '09 after would be golf pro Obama- took office.

I hate writers that conceal their agenda. So here is Rex again trying to wax optimistic by mincing hairs. He talks about "deleveraging." This is the type of propaganda that is churned out by the left. Rex doesn't talk about bankers forcing all that inflated debt into public hands, he doesn't mention insolvent banks who cannot make loans and thus refuse to. He doesn't mention central bankers who have completely destroyed interest rates and funneled the entire world into that zombie stock market trying to find a return and a yield somewhere. Or politicians who refuse to pass a budget and refuse to cut spending. The debt load is falling because banks are charging all that bad debt off. That's the truth.

So instead Rex talks about people taking on less debt. Was there really any alternative in a bankrupt USA? No, of course not. Rex Nutting, tell us something we don't already know.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder why the nut Nutting doesn't tell us where all that stimulus money went?