Saturday, May 12, 2012

When Words Fail

I had a tough week this week.

All of the usual lying, cheating, and manipulating was going on and I just couldn't bring myself to write about any of it.

I didn't give a shit that JP Morgan, the FED's shill, lost two billion. I don't care if somebody wants to breast feed until they are 30. Gold and silver took a beating- erasing nearly all of my gains since I began buying the stuff. Well silver, anyway. So...

I bought more. Seventy ounces more. One oz. of gold. I had to upgrade my safety deposit box to a larger one. I converted a Ford F-250 to about 4 pounds worth of precious metals.  

Have you ever noticed how Yahoo has attracted some of the dumbest commenters on the planet? Go to a Yahoo message board and read what they write. I am in awe. It's as though the Yahoo homepage is only viewable from within the confines of an aluminum sheathed trailer house. I even picked one comment out for special consideration midweek.

There is nothing more alluring than a Yahoo commenter talking about GDP as though they had ever attended an economics class or better yet, were able to retain any of the material. The coup de gras occurred when this dude declared that the US debt was manageable and nothing to worry about.

After using this guy for a pinata* (needs squiggly thing over the n) I sent the post to where ever those things go when bloggers push delete. The piece I wrote was mean spirited. I think the guy who wrote the comment was just duped like many of us. Hardly earth shattering. 

So I spent all week watching "Deadwood" after buying all three seasons. I absolutely loved that show. If you like profanity, sex, killing, Wild Bill or Calamity Jane amidst mining camps- and some of the best acting you will ever see in a mini series- Deadwood is your ticket. You can rent it at Hastings. Or buy all three seasons for 90 bucks.

Thankfully, I have an idea for the Sunday collage. Maybe I can find my mojo by then.


Greenleaf said...

On a Mac, to get the squiggly thing over the N you hit the option key at the same time you hit the N. I live in Cañon City, so I use it all the time.

Just finished watching Deadwood for the second time, one of my all time favorites-man there should have been a 4th season. Al and the sheriff were 2 of the best characters I've ever seen fleshed out, right up there with Tony Soprno-plus they were surrounded by a fabulous cast.

Gotta tell you this new layout on your site is pretty cool. Gotta get to the gym but I'll be back.

Brian said...

Wow, thanks MM.

I have two macs so here goes ñada...thank you.

Damn, tell me about Canon City, do you like it? I am looking for a new home when the SHTF.