Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Old Cops Meet To Talk Shit and Overthrow the Government

Well, mostly to talk shit.

Last month, I got a call inviting me to the retired police officers luncheon in Twin Falls on Thursday. Once in awhile I get some porn from a few of these guys. Occasionally there is talk about women but most of us do not remember why we ever liked them. I am often puzzled at the mention of women.

Mostly there will be talk about motorcycles, fishing and boats, and guns- and what we are doing for money. We will probably talk about people who died and uplifting shit like that. These are the kinds of things I remember discussing with these guys.

I am not particularly thrilled that they have this deal at some retirement home. But since this will be my first trip, I am gonna reserve judgment and pray like hell I don't end up having to resuscitate anybody. If I do, I am opting for chest compressions.

I will give you the 411 update after we have solved all of the world's problems.

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